“Play Misty for Me…”
..like earthbound angels – just for you…

Losing a life that’s been shared for many years, is never an easy event.  No matter the circumstances.  And many feel losing an animal companion is bitterest of all.

Dogs in particular, especially if they are the sole designated friend, helpmate, guardian; entertainer.  They can be and so many are, all this and more.

Like earthbound angels – just for you and you alone, with perhaps dutiful recognition for other family members friends and new acquaintances.

After years of this type of very special, close togetherness, when death knocks and is answered – you – the human – is left behind.  Heart pierced – soul rended.

My good friend’s gurldawg passed today; Saturday 3/26/16.

As many dogs are, to many humans owned by one – Misty was special.  If she could and am sure she did in life; on her departure she would’ve said “thanks for everything!!!”

Misty leaves behind Patrick, his much cared for family and others she’s met.  But she only left them with great reluctance and enormous love.