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Kat Trouble…

MAY 2020 5TH thru JULY 4TH 2020

Kat seemed a bit ‘off’ for a few days; this day even more so.

Sometime during the nite -she always gets me up to let her out if needed… this time not… I believe her need to get away from the bed we shared overwhelmed her & Kat wound up in a ‘basement’ area – she vomited & had diarrhea almost simultaneously.

Am badly hearing impaired and heard nothing. I felt horrible for her, having to go thru that with no ‘mom’ help.

She acted disoriented – maybe had a minor siezure during her ordeal, which didn’t ‘correct’ for days. The offended rugs were tossed; no amount of cleaning would’ve worked.

We were walking around outside & she picks a spot to deficate – does so. About a 1/4 to half cup of dark, very bloody diahrea… Shocked me.

Apparently this can manifest in some doggos -boom- like that – no reason… After reading up on it I watched her even more closely & put together some rice & carrots for day 2-3.. small amounts.

She was still doing blood in stool on day 4 – small amount -and after re starting her appetite by day 5 her stool was returning to ‘normal’ again posted the 12th.

All seemed well heading toward end of month of May, as I’m going over in my mind what had we eaten?

Fresh roasted chicken – non-GMO/hormones – USA.

First part of June Kat’s off her feed again & her stools are overly hard, 1/2″ in dia., as opposed to her 1″ + dia. usual.

Otherwise she seems cheerful. Short hikes good. Still careful feeding small amounts.

Another roasted chkn & we had some on the 4th. Morning of 5th small bile vomit with 2 small bits of chicken – the rest seems to have made it thru.

Sunday 6th. seems normal. She went out in AM came back in reasonable amount of time. She had a bit of scrambled egg.

I finished sealing our main entry door. She napped. We shared some roasted chkn breast for dinner; good appetite.

About dark I noted she wasn’t asking to go to bed as she does; continued snoozing on her ‘day bed’.

Around nine I got up to head to bed & Kat headed out her new doggo door to do what I thought would be her usual close patrol n potty. Usually under ten minutes.

It was closing in on 15 minutes so went to see what was holding her up.

She was sitting inside of her door – not even looking at me as I came toward her, talking to her.

Here’s a gurldawg ALWAYS makes eye contact – always.

Kat wasn’t here.

As I touched her the muscling along her left back ribs area quivered – pain… She walked reluctantly, painfully.

I palpated her nose to tail & could find no injury. She still was not making eye contact & didn’t seem to recognize her home or me.

It was about 10 PM as I kept intense watch, kept speaking softly to her- to see what I could do for her. She had settled on her day cusions…

I have some natural pain relievers & gave her an appropriate amount in hopes it would help her left side. It did.

Her personality returned gradually & by 11:30 PM I could see her recognition of all things home – and me…

In that short 10 minutes or so she was outside, Kat had suffered a trauma event of some kind…


Only thing I can deduce is she had a vomit session which was so bad she sprained her ribcage muscles & may’ve had a mini siezure as well.

She made it back inside – but didn’t recognize what to do next.

Just sat there – a blank lil soul…

Breaks my heart, even tho she’s recovering.

Around 4 AM she got up and creaked over to the bed…

Couldn’t jump up. I helped. She settled a little less painfully – very close to me. We both dozed off til about 8 AM.

We got up – she gingerly – we both went outside, walked around a bit. I wanted to see her potty – eventually did…we came back inside.

She settled on her day bed again.

I watched her for awhile telling her how good a gurl she is, then went into galley to make coffee.

Started to do pancake mix & Kat walks in gingerly looking up at me; miserable in pain spasms. She implored for help & I got more of the herbal relief for her.

She then went and lay beside the bed – & fell into nap again, as I finished making coffee & pancakes.

Kat wakes up about 40 minutes later – putting us at about noon Monday. We go out for a gentle tour – she pottys – nice long piddle & smallish amount but good stool.

Back inside about 2:15 she settles in day bed – I retrieve coffee n pancakes to eat near her daybed.

Almost seems normal – not yet…but we’re getting there.

At 3:10 she adjusted to the floor, and has been stretching her front legs.. A very good sign.

3:35 she gets up a little more robustly & heads outside – I follow – she’s kinda surprised – but ok – we go on a short tour.

Very windy & she’s happy to get back inside.

3:57 All for now.

6:00 PM – Much better & she readily tucks into a tiny meal – then we go in a very short hike near our canyon area. Kat’s moving pretty freely, trotting, running a bit – feeling much better.

She completed her night duties & we came back inside – still blowing a steady 10 to 15 with gusting to about 25. We were both glad to be out of it.

So its close to 9PM & tonight she indicates ‘bed time’, heads toward it and jumps up cautiously – but without help.

Her mom is much relieved. I’m betting Kat feels same.

She watches for her usual snack; gets that & a couple of small doggo biskies, then settles in for the night while I update this accounting…

9:57 PM and very thankfully – all is well again.

Will assess her wellness in AM & of course monitor til then. Am thinkin we’ll both sleep well – we got so little good rest last night.

She is SUCH a good gurl. Her mom LUUU-UUUVs her๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

06.09.20 – 5:37 AM barely light, but we both wake up simultaneously. I open her door as she stands to one side.

And out she goes with her usual caution… Kat looks & tests the air before committing. Very good gurl.

Once she’s out, I watch for a bit & all seems well – I hobble back to bed. within a couple of minutes – I feel her weight back up with me.




Very good gurl…โฃ๏ธ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

9:30 PM …

She wet the bed… big time – while sleeping.. my poor baby gurl… Its the ol’ weak bladder thing come back with an unfortunate vengance.

Cleaning to do.

She & I have too much in common. But it sure makes me appreciate what she endures. How this could be for her will never be known.

But she has suffered at the hands of two fosters who failed to understand her troubles; as usual – floor wetting earns physical ‘spankings’ – At four months – when we ‘paired up’ she was head-shy. Took me until I saw her bladder problem to figure it out.. The rescue people & both fosters said they had no idea of it.


So three later now – still not resolved but dealt with as needs be. Much much better tho.

It’s July 4th, 2020 as I edit this. A 4th like none other in history of USA.

MAXIMUM ugly & about to get worse. My gawd.

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The Big COVID 19 Mislead 2019 to 2020 – 04.24.20

Many of us have known of this completely bolluxed up misinfo from the get go…

Some diligent & honest Doctors & researchers are now publishing findings that fly in the face of what has been shoved down the throats of those so eager to swallow the propaganda.

Still very difficult to have these people absorb anything of value; anything which will truly inform & arm. They’re primarily umbilically attached to droning TV, old dinosaurs of MSM – and their Twitter accounts.

Even on the Tweeters – even tho they have internet access – they doggedly follow their followers as sheep in a compfy, safe trance, rarely looking anything up and sharing that – to better inform & enlighten especially regarding current circumstances.

Who to trust? Very darned few – but some.

David Crowe’s recent publication in NEJM answers much. Read it carefully & come back to his info often as he updates findings. A genuine scientist & researcher.

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By Julia Elliott 04.06.20

It started simply enough – a small donation to Palomino Ridge Horse Rescue, Dale, TX.

A beautifully run ranch by some beautiful people.

I paid with my BofA cred/deb card – NOT selecting the PayPal option. it went thru as expected.

A few minutes later I get acknowledged via email BY PAYPAL my donation stats etc… Of my BANK CARD TRANSACTION…

PayPal had scooped all my bank & card info – ALL OF IT – tho not ever being involved with this transaction. All of you out there, this once great service (PayPal) BE AWARE… PAYPAL HAS BECOME A QUINTISENTIAL I D – thief… A FEDERAL FELONY.

Yes – I have the full chain of verifiable felonious activities sealed in a safe file, was going to post pics – but am second thinking this pondering legal action.

This whole thing will cause a rough ride chain of coming events for the ranch & certainly myself – since I’ve been thru this with PayPal, my bank and PayPal’s unauthorized OTHER withdrawals from my account – JUST barely a couple of months ago.

I’m no neophite when it comes to card useage – but will NOT TOLERATE OUT & OUT DATA THEFT.

And think hard about suing damned PayPal – they WILL be reported to FTC again…

J Elliott

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COVID 19 …dated 03.30.20

This is truly Priceless!!! EPIPHANY…

The Red Flag events. There may be a bigger one down the line – not in my lifetime tho & I’ve been “through them all” and never believed any of them.

Collateral damage (loss of life etc) was never an issue for those producing these events… ‘they’ always attempted for ‘shock’ value.. NONE of it ever shocked me or likley millions others.

By agreement – possibly – after this hideousness was by purpose released, Trump has turned it into a reason to reset Global economy – it seems… Hey… More lemons – more lemonade.


Let’s all watch it playout.

It’ll be mucho fiesta! Trump has – after all.. a bigger, better Sombrero and guts applenty.


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Open Note to POTUS & Family – Loyal Teams


Since 2015 have been hoping – then jubilant you ran and WE won.

Thank you.

In past notes I’ve moaned about how us oldsters have been dusted off… Veterans dusted off.

How because of past decades so many of us who worked steadily for almost half a hundred years were curbed, guttered in 2006-08 etc.

We’re still here Sir.

No better off fiscally – but emotionally we feel enclosed in the healing envelope of solidarity and hope for better – even at our ages…

Thank you Sir…

Julia Elliott

& For Bob – Vietnam 1966-1968 – took a painful many years & he passed in 2012.

You are & always will be supported as long as you can hold out.

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None of this will be ‘won’ in a conventional manner… Evil has pushed all of this political pap waaaay over the line of reality.

Reality is no longer a factor – and it’s now damned dangerous for all.

The ‘gulags’ could be the answer but turn the dial 180 and envision the whacko DemlibRinos in residence…

ALL.OF.THEM … Take em off of every last scintilla of drugs they’re on… Feed em… See how they do for as long as it takes to dry them out.

Get rid of every vestige of jihadi training camps & handlers. Get rid of all whackos . Protesting is ok as long as there’s a valid reason…


And it won’t stop unless extreme measures are used.

It is said – “God helps those who help themselves”… Seems God is pitting evil vs those who wish to move forward and OUT of this mess… He’s having a grand time – we’re not. “God’s will be done”.

NEVER question God.

Ha! THAT’s an easy out for all.

300 years of creating the “swamp” is not going to ever be cleared out. Very best can be hoped for is a slow down of it’s continued growth.

Maybe God’s on vaca at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch.

We may be too late.

There aren’t enough clear headed, honest, bribe unapproachable, uncorruptable humans left to sustain a full clean up mission.

Not just USA – Globally.

Drop your stupid and use logic and reason to grab that last comment & follow the thread of reality.

If someone has constructive answers to this “how to stop or at stem the tide of the Swamp and abject ignorance about ANYTHING?”

PRAY is no longer a valid answer. It has become group therapy for those too lazy to look for answers readily available, and use those answers to good affect.

Whether like it or not – ALL of us are existing in a dangerous, dying humanity that is stuck: right now these seem to be the basic options – BELIEVE in Trump & God’s benevolence, DON’T dare attempt to think as an individual.


WHAT are YOU personally doing to alleviate any of this horror.

I keep pushing for closure & heavy investigation of 501c3s currently purpetuating this animal kill shelter and ‘rescue’ industry… These people are obscene for most part…

Corrupt to their very cores.

Sorry, not sorry.

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Carrie Bear

Nancy these are the shots I’ll work with.

Main Carrie big gurl

Arranged around her … (Not yet in order) and smaller –

Please as hubby if ok with him in shot…


Any others u want considered please email – that I may create a file for Carrie & yourselves…

Phn/mssging. 575 418 7578 and of course this website/blogg.

Twitter has banned me a few times for various periods of time & this is an important alt comms in case they do so again.

Thank you & DM if needs be.

Julia Elliott