Which completely screwed up healthcare bill do you want?

Jon has had this out there ad infinitum – WHY do so few pay attention?

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Which completely screwed up healthcare bill do you want?

by Jon Rappoport

July 4, 2017

You can have Obamacare. Or you can take the current Republican re-do. Have you read it? Do you know exactly what’s in it? Of course not.

I can tell you this. Every possible healthcare bill has the same flaw. It’s called death. I’ll explain in a moment.

But first I want to mention that, for the past decade, as a working reporter, I’ve taken many actions to put a piece of medical information in front of mainstream news media, and they won’t bite. No matter what. I’ve published the information, backed it up seven ways from Sunday, and it doesn’t matter. No dice.

Here it is. Again. Every year, like clockwork, the US medical system kills 225,000 people. That’s a mainstream conclusion. A conservative conclusion. By extrapolation, that means the US medical system kills 2.25…

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Twitter/Google/Verizon blocking

Thousands – if not millions of us using these three specific media are being blocked – seriously blocked as of 36 hours ago.

Why?   Same reason as always – control the fkn narrative anyway they can.

This – more than anything else they can do – will bring on the armed insurrection & blood in the streets called for by the ‘late’ AG…

U think they can’t go lower – then they do!

BLDM… but ALDM… FIGURE IT OUT asshatz…

Who’s destroying England?

Read it and weep … Then get pissed.

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Who’s destroying England?

London attacks and the war against Brexit

NOTE: Watch Paul Watson’s shocking video, The Truth about ‘Refugees’

by Jon Rappoport

June 4, 2017

“Here’s a great idea, boys. Gather around. We’re going to build, on top of every national government on the European continent, another government, bigger, more bloated, more corrupt, more powerful. Who’ll notice? Who’ll care?”

“Terrific. Love it. But ultimately we’ll need to destroy all those separate countries and rule the whole continent as one entity. We can do that, yes. We’ll open all borders and let in a massive flow of immigrants and erase national identities. Terror attacks will multiply. We’ll put a lid on talking about immigrants as the cause of the terror. Call it hate speech. We’ll train the population of Europe to accept terrorism as part of the glorious future. It makes no logical sense, but so what? No top-down ideology…

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Memorial Day – 2017

Here’s to Roscoe, Bear & Tux, 

  Here’s to Shaniko, Annie & Irish;

Here’s to Max – who many knew;

  Here’s to precious Maxine – who should still be here.

  Here’s to Kat – who has troubles of her own –

Here’s to Bob – his mom & dad … & many others of the Elliotts – I thank them all for allowing me into their lives.

  Here’s to dad, Bert & Stan all gone too soon; and to Roulette, who raised me into my teens.

Here’s to so many I’ve met who’ve passed on.

  And here’s to you – all of you…