by j elliott

Winter again as so many past, Fizz in his stall, with only one task.

Jake limps in the barn, arthritis giving pain; heads for the saddle rack, with only one aim.

He stops at the stall and Fizz shambles over, nuzzles at Jake who smells like sweet clover…they stand there,  the two; head over shoulder, arm over neck, in a true loving hug – gettin’ a bit older.

It’s been so many years that they’ve shared together; through thick, through thin – all manner of weather.

Rubbing tears off his cheeks, Jake looks Fizz in the eye; tears swim there too – yes – horses do cry.

Both are old, but both want one last ride. They’ve done a lot after all, now a matter of pride.

Giving Fizz one more hug and a pat on the cheek, Jake moves to the saddles, as he looks out toward the creek.

Snow all around on this clear winter day, he pulls the saddle down and heads back to his old, elegant bay.

Fizz is let out if his stall, where he stands patiently; as Jake saddles him up, but with very little glee.

So many things they’ve done; had so very much fun; all the trophies they’ve won.  Jake brushes the tears away.

Fizz nudges him on, in the way he always did – “Get in the saddle boss – let’s go for that ride”.  Jake mounts up; they head for outside.

Through the open barn door, both of them see, the vast winter out there, clear as can be.

They move into it and start for for the creek; just to go over and take a quick peek.

Fizz moving slowly, limping a bit, but ever so glad his rider won’t quit.

Clouds of breath mist follow them now, as they move forward in snow, like a single track plow.

They became entranced with the beauty of all; hearing a voice – a clarion call.

It was wonderful, beautiful, to feel once again, the joy and vigor of unspent youth; to feel no pain, together again, so close – to soothe – on one last ride.

Further they went and crossing the creek, they heard ice crackkk! loud!  A sound so familiar; like Jake’s mallet hitting that big ole billiard.

Up on the bank, Fizz and Jake did continue, passing orchards, corrals; enjoying the outting, with no special venue.

A lifelong pair, crossing a pristine white field; if one were to watch – one would see them get smaller; gradually, gradually, gradually recede…

The earned pain, small heartaches, these two had shared; only victories were left, and no more tears.

Jake and Fizz on one last ride…