Hi Noreen..   11/05/16

Noreen Gilbert RM 249:  Royal Arches:  FAX 604 437 1087

Just for giggles am sending a ‘test’ fax to you.

If it works – great!  If you can read it – even greater.  So – here we are into November, already.  The year has been very weird and at this point seems very fast.

We just got a good rain yesterday & last nite – temps are still much too warm for snow & as I may’ve mentioned – winter could bypass totally this year.  It’ll be another factor of planet axis change.  Dunno if its thru the tilt cycle or not.   Heck if it keeps rotating – we all could wind up being the new Southern Hemisphere … haaaaaa!!!  Just a bit if rare common sense there.  Which few people seem to possess or use anymore.

SUPER SIZED full moon coming up in a few days – see if you can get someone to take you out so you all can watch… maybe a moon party.   It will show itself as enormous & apparently gets this close every 70 years or so.  We’ll see…
Have as great a day as possible – think of you often with loads of luv n huggzzz attached.

Your sis-in-law & gurldawg on the snowless shoulder of the Mariano Mesa, in New Mexico…