Winter Has Finally Arrived – for a few days anyway

Some pics of the storm that was – 1.21.18.

Happy MAGA Day on the 20th… Thank you DJT for what U’ve done – are trying to do.

This beautiful frigid AM…Kat enjoys a jacketed outing.

This is our snug place.  In progress since fall of 2009.  I view it as ‘weird art’…πŸ˜€ which is functional & sound in any weather.  I built this…

Just rolling into full sunshine, the meadow is lit up.

Blue mesa verge in the distance marks where the the town is – at it’s base.  14 + miles to get there – this view is about 9 +/- miles.

Optical illusion – of sorts… Scroll to bottom of roof line – kinda looks like giant ice spikes in ground.

Chain, chain, chaaaiiinnnn – of ice… Been icier in past …

This pre mini- avalanche has been hanging off roof edge for 2 days now… Ha!

Yeah – we hike in the snow – but THESE are under it in varying stages of exposure – to no exposure.  Acres of it… Challenging – for me; gurldawg – not so much… 

Just a neat pic… Love this weather…πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Am genuinely SICK of it…

Living in FOURTH world conditions – trying to claw my way out into genuine humanity; I believe ‘humanity’ picked up the chess pieces & left in a huff.  The board left behind – if no one else claims it – I will & patch a window with it.

Just – goddamned fuckin sick of it…

If anyone reading this teeny complaint of 46+ years of steady, decent work & then complete loss, COMPLETE LOSS – of all worked toward, except my fury… Don’t hesitate to contact…well – hesitate a little.

Not entirely accurate.  The only thing NOT lost – the acreage I’m on now – and have been on, in varying stages of struggle, since Summer 2008.

Ha!  MAGA!  Too late for me – but by God – not for MILLIONS…  Do right by ’em @POTUS (on twitter).

Burning in my tears…

Building a Corner Shelf and Counter ExtensionsΒ 

The cabin I built is rustic to the degree of reclaimed lumber, timber, roofing, doors n windows.  All near 100 yr mark & comprises 85% of the construction work.

From fall of 2009 into winter 2010 when I began this habitat, to now winter of 2017 – I’ve worked over 24,000 hours to create my home, garage & attached outbuildings to the garage, fencing & much etc.

It’s a never ending, ongoing project; til I die.

Yes – I am a woman; of years.  75  February 2018…


Just for fun – here is a detail of a simple corner shelf above my galley range.  I started this 12.12.17 – took a total of 6 hrs.

And one beer…😊

Here…. Somewhere in the corner.

Let’s begin! 😊

One natural edge piece of planking left… It’ll do.

First (for me anyway) a template – this piece of cardboard box will do.

The shelf is cut accordingly – ‘tested’ in the corner, & found perfect (my perfect- not necessarily YOUR perfect πŸ˜„)…

A few ‘left overs’…

Decent straight edge…

1″ x 1″ shelf supports are measured – since I don’t want them in MY eyesight – they’re a few inches shorter than perhaps ‘norm’, and the shelf will have one screw each side to ‘rest the front lip on.  One screw at back corner to prevent shifting – not nec – but what the heck…

Longer side – 11″

Shorter – 9″

The pieces are cut & temp. Caulked into place – while leveling… Temp screws keep it honest.

Front cross piece – ditto.

The shelf meanwhile, is coated with polyeu & drying in the sun.

And final level test…


Good nuff for gummint work – then summ.πŸ˜†

Time to slip the shelf onto it’s perch…

Yaaaaa. Looks goooood!  Level?

Gummint work level!!!

Am pretty much redoing this corner of the galley – I want to have clear counter space after too many years of clutter.

Soooo – using more ‘found’ material – created a pot/pan lid & dish ‘rack’ – Wall mounted OFF the counter AND small mug rack…

Those are wood beads caulked onto the very sharp edges of the cut metal – found the beads years ago – in a drain ditch – on the way back to the ranch.  Ya never know…

Devised a new spice rack off the surface as well… Am liking it a lot…

As I said – Rustico!

In next couple of days, I’ll go to the local mill & see if I can find enough for the counter expansions.

Hassta!  for now.πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ”¨πŸΎπŸ˜€

AVAST!  Counter Expansions underway!  12.17.17πŸ™Œ

Located a fair plank at the mill.  It was a bit bowed cuz it was so wide (14″ +/-) from age & weather exposure over years.

As u may see.  I had already cut the larger piece last afternoon – from – a cardboard template!  The rounded out bit is to give easier access to trash bin underneath.

These are soon to be bases for the extensions…

Old old but very flat flooring out of the cabin I helped tear down in 2009/10…

Testing size – fit – along with the filler piece against wall.

Good. 😏. Now since am using the perfectly level old counter areas as a base (why not?) And the NEW counter expansion is bowed … I broke it’s back…

Laid it bow down on the boardwalk & stepped on it til it cracked…Flipped over & found a couple of tiny shimms to keep it opened to just about flat.

Again – Rustico! my perfect – probably not yours… πŸ™…πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹β€β€

Caulked the crack – waited – now going to nip off protuding unnecessary shim bits.

The front also has a few – natural – these also get treated with a bit of caulking.

Just a bit of a note about paint/sealer/polyeur – regarding whatever applicator (brush) used…

While waiting for one layer to st/dry sufficiently – for the next one – I use a plastic sandwich bag – zipped to the handle.  Works!

Pieces are dry enough to be placed!

Flat enough!  Level enough!  Space enough!  Am likin  it a lot!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’™β€πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.  Time: 4 hours & 2 mugs of coffee.

Evening beverage begins – NOW πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ˆ

No need to go into the other range side – as it is basically a flip.  Flip the cardboard template – re- mark as necessary & go to work on the wood… Eezy Peezy!πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‹

Probably tomorrow.

Biblical Paintings from a Bible of the ’50’s.

Dad gave this bible to mom in 1960 – I re-discovered it while shelving books etc.  

Thought some out there might enjoy viewing many of you mat not have seen.

‘Old world maps are in the back of the bible – which I’ll be adding in a couple of days – showing all the countries/areas age correct, and routes of flight & migration.

Beautiful depictions


There are a few I missed – will get em later & ad the scripture location where missing etc.

The Book:

YouTube cartoon videos programming toddlers for trauma and destruction

The exposure of this so is more proof if the attempted seep of globalism..COSERVATIVE PARENTS – YOU NEED TO WAKE UP if u are using this

Jon Rappoport's Blog

YouTube cartoon videos programming toddlers for trauma and destruction

by Jon Rappoport

November 13, 2017

Play very close attention to this one. It’s boggling.

A reader recently sent me a note which alerted me to a form of programming I’d never heard of. The links he sent introduced me to what is a very widespread phenomenon on YouTube. The technology involved is beyond my limited understanding. Some of you will be able to clarify the β€œsituation.”

While Google and YouTube are engaging in censorship of political content, they are allowing a packaging of cartoons for very small children. While Momma works around the house, her toddlers can sit, mesmerized, and watch long-form collections of cartoons.

But in these cartoons, there is disturbing content, to say the least. Ugliness, violence. All presented in a repetitive cheery tone.

Supposedly, some of this content is created by random algorithms. From what I’ve seen…

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