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Death and Dead

Not quite there yet… But closing.

So much to clear up and out on this small ranch; so much in just the twelve years of living, surviving here, have accumulated.

I want to leave behind as little as possible for others to have to deal with… Not right they should have to.

Biggest concern – gurldawg Kat.

She is predesessor to Maxine – & Max.

Two dead n buried here… Right here. Thought I’d have similar date but no – won’t happen that way.

That much I know.

How does one leave where one’s loved ones are buried?

I’d like to sell & find a smaller place – with grid power, water, septic – I know I can’t keep maintaining here. Too much; too old.

And Kat’s too young.

Yeah – we both need better digs.

For me to keep living – for her… If possible.

It keeps stampeding thru my mind – ‘life cut short’ – like the clickitty clack of train wheels…

“Life cut short….”

…….”Life cut short….”

…… …….”Life cut short….”

For her – for me.

Kat’s must go onward – she has paid her dues & then some… I used to rant n swear – Kat didn’t like it & over course of time – I stopped. She taught me not to.

She loved her kitties. One by one they ‘dissappeared’ to coyote, bob cat or owl… They were insiders at night because of this – it we still lost them one by one during day time hours. Very sad, and she missed each one… Five total.

Quit the kitties up here – dead zone.

Heard guinea fowl were great against bugs n ticks. Tried to raise a few – they matured & one by one, again, gone – dead zone.

So here we are… I’m near the zone & trying desperately to get Kat out of it…

It could easily be something here is causing egregeous imbalance…