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By J Elliott…Today.

This post will be locked down (where have I heard that?) Within 72 hrs or sooner if ‘blue bird gods & algos’ discover it.

09.08.20 ADDENDUM link – by Mike Adams

The White House Reads published an old 90’s report of how Billings Montana quashed a potential “racist” uprising against their communities of ‘blacks, jewish & native americans’.

Their commentary goes on to ask “why isn’t this type of manuever done under current circumstances?”

In the ninties – there were still strong, proud of Country free people. Humans helping humans; humans respecting humans… In the ninties…

Now is the 2020’s. Ugly, crooked, no respect, all exposed to killing rays of sunlight – except the uglies are doing the killings.

Main issue here- MOST of these perpetrators are NOT of our Nation – they were imported, further indoctrinated, paid big bucks – by you, me everyone who’s gladly paid into the deepening cesspool of USA underbelly – for decades.

We’ve become Snake Pliskin’s ‘Escape from New York’.

“But Patriots”… Rings out.

No decent human being, in their right mind, will appropriately address these monstrous goings – because there is zero encouragement to do so; zip, back up.

I hate it & all involved deeply or peripherally. The invasion of our lives, surface, subsurface to the root is close to complete.

No back up from anywhere or any faction to stop any of this it seems.

Yes… a bit of progress with traficking of humans; a smidgen of full ID of high level responsibles; the further that’s exposed – the worse we see. All emboldened to get worse – because there are NO consequences, punishments, death.

Not only USA – Every Country on this Globe has similar & worse (that possible?) to deal with.

We don’t ‘live’ in a Country any longer – we ride the back of a once healthy, growing animal – that began dying decades ago.

End is in sight – nothing more, nothing less.

Dismount is not an option.

Pray for those you care about & yourselves.

Thank your stars if YOU are confident of at least another few months of ‘safety’…as long as you follow the rules.

Refresh this page for addendum.

That is all.