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The Big COVID 19 Mislead 2019 to 2020 – 04.24.20

Many of us have known of this completely bolluxed up misinfo from the get go…

Some diligent & honest Doctors & researchers are now publishing findings that fly in the face of what has been shoved down the throats of those so eager to swallow the propaganda.

Still very difficult to have these people absorb anything of value; anything which will truly inform & arm. They’re primarily umbilically attached to droning TV, old dinosaurs of MSM – and their Twitter accounts.

Even on the Tweeters – even tho they have internet access – they doggedly follow their followers as sheep in a compfy, safe trance, rarely looking anything up and sharing that – to better inform & enlighten especially regarding current circumstances.

Who to trust? Very darned few – but some.

David Crowe’s recent publication in NEJM answers much. Read it carefully & come back to his info often as he updates findings. A genuine scientist & researcher.