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By Julia Elliott 04.06.20

It started simply enough – a small donation to Palomino Ridge Horse Rescue, Dale, TX.

A beautifully run ranch by some beautiful people.

I paid with my BofA cred/deb card – NOT selecting the PayPal option. it went thru as expected.

A few minutes later I get acknowledged via email BY PAYPAL my donation stats etc… Of my BANK CARD TRANSACTION…

PayPal had scooped all my bank & card info – ALL OF IT – tho not ever being involved with this transaction. All of you out there, this once great service (PayPal) BE AWARE… PAYPAL HAS BECOME A QUINTISENTIAL I D – thief… A FEDERAL FELONY.

Yes – I have the full chain of verifiable felonious activities sealed in a safe file, was going to post pics – but am second thinking this pondering legal action.

This whole thing will cause a rough ride chain of coming events for the ranch & certainly myself – since I’ve been thru this with PayPal, my bank and PayPal’s unauthorized OTHER withdrawals from my account – JUST barely a couple of months ago.

I’m no neophite when it comes to card useage – but will NOT TOLERATE OUT & OUT DATA THEFT.

And think hard about suing damned PayPal – they WILL be reported to FTC again…

J Elliott