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Peggy Huang for Congress – January 2020

Dear Peggy…

You LOOK Congressional – great good luck to you & your family.

Bob & I lived in OC for many years. After Vietnam, he was a Deputy, then settled in sales repping for U.S.Elecric. Motors for over 30 years.

So much more.

I’m his widow, I’m writing this for him.

His voice was taken from him in 2012 – Pancreatic Cancer – in large part due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. Over the years he had other cancer bouts which tried to down him – but he fought them off – ’til this one’.

Many of his opinions were published in O C Register over the years – it distressed him greatly to see how our Governments – State & DC were rotting – we had many discussions – some very heated, over these situations – staunch, Bob defended some of Republican offenders – I would try to point out their failings.

He began to believe the nastiness of both sides toward his end.

He would’ve loved n supported POTUS had he the opportunity – as he would’ve you.

Bob is the loss of my life, even though we were divorced we always kept track & communicated with each other since 1965, when we first met in Hawaii.

It’s hard to write this even now, for a man loved by many, missed by many, but I believe he’d appreciate having a bit of voice in California, in particular and USA’S fight against destruction; he would’ve been in the middle of it.

From Bob Elliott to you, Peggy, deepest wishes for your success and I second this.

Julia, for Bob – Native son of California 1944 – 2012.

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