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I Was Just Told…

If I diselieved ‘God’ – I also disbelieved evil exists…

By someone I ‘believed’ I knew as an acquaintance then a friend for over 20 years.

He’s not a spotless guy either…

Where do ‘God’ people come off telling those who don’t believe “what they must believe or else”? Superiority complex? Comfort of ‘being forgiven’ for all ‘sins’ – forever? Fear of someone who might be onto something? Fear of self examination?

Dunno… But when someone out of hand tells me, threatens me in such a way… I’m finito with ’em.

The 20 years plus turns to dust & blows away in the wind without regret. Well, not much regret anyway – other than to say fairly big disappointment… I’ve learned this is the best way to handle ignorance of others… Get them out of what life you have.

I’ve self developed into as decent a human as walks on spaceship earth. The evolution to this point has been done by introspection, outward experience – good & very bad – polishing the better & ridding the bad.

No ‘God’ involved ever noticed.

Debating all day & night about biblical writings are fruitless, to me. Whole thing was scribed/written by ‘human hand n mind’.

“Blasphemy!” you yell..

“Fiction!” I say back… Loudly.

Religious sparring…

I look over my dead doggo’s graves & tell them I love them yet & always… It’s all they ever wanted – it’s all I ever wanted for them & myself.

But they’re both dead early – so I failed them miserably – I did… No ‘God’ involved.

‘God’ & religion of any kind is all based on threat.

“You must do this or that” or you’ll go to hell for eternity!…

That worked well for all the kids abused by all the religious heads doesn’t and didn’t it? For all abused and murdered by government officials – most called ‘Christian’?

As far as ‘good’ humans go – I prefer to keep improving much as I can in my own way.

I’m very little different from all the vaunted ‘Christians’ – in some instances better because I don’t accuse any of them for their belief in ‘God/Christ’ and the tennets that come with that.

But some meet me with vehement comments – such as former ‘friend’ mentioned.

I won’t ‘change’ – other than to get better.

And I won’t “go to hell” either. It’s here, everywhere. Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, District of Columbia all parts cross this Nation.

With one solitary man valiantly trying to roll back a horror which has grown up since the 1700’s and before. President Trump.

Enough ‘hell’ for all…right here on top of the earth; we’ve all arrived within striking distance – no matter our beliefs or where we live…

Last but not least Twitter:

Seems most Conservatives on here classify themselves as Christians & Trump supporters.

Many (most) will drop off my ‘followers’ list once this is read. No one should feel discomfort regarding who they follow.

It’s just another ‘tell’ of who we all are.

Life… Int it?

Everyone be safe.

❣️🐾🐾💞 JE

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