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“The Dark Underbelly of the Dog Rescue Industry” updated 01/03/20

The title is a quote from a conversation with a Houston Texas, animal attorney.

Since the 28th of October a few people have been trying to secure an adoption of a dog ‘advertised’ on various levels of Social Media, and housed in Houston’s Harris County Animal Shelter.

Right at the beginning there was a ‘mix up’ of some sort by a representative of the adoptor; the ‘wrong dog was pulled’ but ostensibly the correct one was still available. Two people at the scene (Harris County) spent a lot of time trying to straighten it all out – to no avail… Harris was not budging. We likely will never know why, but, if we connect the dots we have an educated guess revealed.

Then Harris supposedly granted the dog to Day of the Dog rescue (which seems it’s a shill rescue – tied at the hip with Harris County Animal Control.)

Adoptors are supposed to take precedence over 501c3 ‘rescues’.

Didn’t happen and the potential FUREVER pet parent was devastated by losing out. Harris was contact the 29th to find answers of where she was – who to contact for adoption. One person said she was gone – another person said she was still there, but on hold for Day of the Dog ‘rescue’.

DotD did not respond to requests.

This animal accrued quite a bit in donation pledges – particularly on FB.

On the 30th doggo was discovered on FB – being used to collect more pledges/donations.

Contact was made asking to adopt again. Semi Luke warm response – then nothing. I began sending Faxes to Harris, asking for assistance to adopt this gurl. No response. Until the third Fax.

Then an email from an entity named Rescue Me stated it was in response to the fax & she was no longer at Harris – location unknown.

There was no answer to my/this response either.

I contacted a Houston animal attorney to see us there was a way to hold anyone accountable for what seemed to be shenannigans of everyone involved. It had become too bizzare to make any sense whatsoever.

Darned if she (not using her name as didn’t ask permission) didn’t call! First few sentences & explaining – she said it sounded like a major mix up. Paused then got into the meat of the matter when she realized how upset I and others were.

Paraphrasing: “Most of the rescue industry is crooked. It’s sad but this is the truth of it – most are out to make money off these animals & that’s it.

They aren’t really interested in ‘saving them’ and most of these rescues are on power trips trying to outdo one another – run by older bitch women.”

She goes on to say she herself got caught up in the horror of it and finally wound up buying a purebred from a reputable breeder.

“Nothing can be done as these people have discovered how to ‘work the system and internet”…

I thank her for all the story and was relieved to not be crazy. Her response was swift “Definitely NOT crazy!!!”

The call ended.

Have already shared a portion of this to those interested.

Today – by a rescue facillitator – 11/02/19 doggo is leaving for illinois with other dogs 11/03/19. I don’t believe any of it anymore – Pure Bull shit by professional liars.

Was also told doggo was ill.

If the facillitator follows this my bet is the doggo will be announced as having died during transit, shortly thereafter or – maybe never – since doggo is & always has been a ‘ghost’ gurl money maker.

I also don’t believe gurldawg ever existed.

She was always just a money making pic/vid, of the “Dark Underbelly” of Millions of dollars into the 501c3 game – Shelters & others aka “Best Friends” bring into themselves & CEOs BILLIONS PER YEAR. While excaserbating the problem.

Let that sink in…

Doesn’t get much sadder does it?

Those few of you who’ve tried to help in all sincerity – Thank you for the doggos you have saved – the rest of you can roast in a hot place, including those in Canada wh collude those down here in USA – you KNOW Who YOU are.

How could any Canadian resident be trusted with any animal – since they signed into law – legalization of beastiality a few years ago.

Am hoping the new hardened Federal laws against torture & other harms will take effect in 2020 with seriousness.

ALL ANIMAL RELATED ESPECIALLY DOGGO 501c3 need to have creditation pulled – grants stopped – immediately!

Let them apply again under strict regulation while undergoing investigation for their past atrocities… Border to border, coast to coast – & find out WHO is importing dogs to fill OUR shelters…

It’s ALL sick… It all needs reworking – all of it.

J. Elliott –