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Sketch Samples & Other Artworks

I’ve begun to sketch again & am offering service to those folks who’ve lost a companion.

This is a hard route for those involved, so am doing remembrance work no charge – can’t see making dollars off a loss like that, of animals. Ok

I will estimate amounts on humans, however, living or departed & also on living animals; usually $1.50 per square inch in sizes ranging from approx 8×8 inches upward.The complimentary remembrance work originals turn out at roughly 8×8 or a bit larger.

Sketch work is loose & appealing and I generally work with Prismacolors, graphite, charcoal or a combination thereof – on light tan Bienfang fine art paper.

Included are some samples past & present, which are by no means all of it 😄Contact via email: or DM on Twitter @Elliott68150257Thank you for reviewing…🐾🐾❣️❣️🐾🐾




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