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Per WORDPRESS – today 05.25.2019 – Saturday

They ask “What Inspires You?” My main inspiration on THIS SITE which I believed to be open & non- judgemental – for EVERYONE – seems to be a turncoat.

WordPress has shut down Jon Rappoport’s critically aclaimed blog account. No warning, no reason.

My answer to WordPress question – Jon Rappoport was, & will remain my MAIN inspiration for life, writing, research – truth, logic, common sense.


WORDPRESS encouraged – just by being available, for all who sign up/in to place best thoughts – any thoughts – here, on WordPress site.

So we do.

And THEN WORDPRESS shuts you down – BAM!!! JUST LIKE THAT!

LIKE Twitter, fb, Amazon, Google, PayPal, some major banks; WordPress has seemingly lost it.

Very dissappointing and very sad.

JE in NM