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Pavlov’s Dogs…

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Comment sent to Jon:

All of this is in fact no longer prototype. The most obvious example/s cannot be missed – that of the DC cabal (visible & not so visible parts) & the rabid followers.

“…all humans—are just biological/chemical machines. Freedom? A delusion. Spirit? A fiction.” Excerpt from Jon’s article.

The pendulum has not reached apogee. When it does it will be uncommon ugly. When it begins downward again – it will be uglier, then another cyclic event begins for thinking, reasoning logic applying humanity… Of what’s left of us… To be subversed & blocked by the Pavlovians … What’s left of them.

Ever since ‘humanity’ on Earth, agreements in small, temporary pockets only – ALWAYS preyed upon the jealous & ugly minded.

Never goes away – never resets – does it, Jon?

Thank you.

Julia E in NM

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