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02.10.19 Sunday

The following, off of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website – may be one of the most important reads you will ever view.

Did you know the US Government, years ago, declared the Cannabis plant & product/s thereof, to be useless as a ‘medicinal’ factor – then promptly took out a patent for this very thing?

And now – it’s stated by FDA or EPA – Sale of CBD oil or products containing thereof is ILLEGAL.

I read that a patent could not be taken out on a naturally occurring product. What happened to that bit of info???

SO – One can grow Hemp, produce all the great salable high quality organic CBD oil you want – which is illegal to market.

‘they’ say they aren’t going to ‘enforce’ it ‘for now’…

Which means…? ???

Yeah – I’ve a very good idea what it means.

Read this whole report & be informed about HEMP!

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