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‘Q’ seems to have left the building.

POTUS Trump has been looking very weary – dunno how he has survived the never ending onslaught of ignorance & pure evil shoveled at him non- stop.

The more I learn about how corrupt this planet’s Inhabitants are – it would take multi EMPs & Nukes to rid them all. ‘Collateral damage’ would be horrendous, but no worse than where it’s all heading now. Quicker too…

Pelosi just woke up & realized she has a shot at the Presidency – she’s #2 now – Pence is #1. She supports abortion (she has FIVE KIDS) – is this why? Wonder how her kids feel…

Feels like a truly major event is crackling in the ether.

Yellowstone still breaths.

Antarctica – volcano Erebus began erupting a few days ago. Antarctica, of all places…

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