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‘Q’ seems to have left the building.

POTUS Trump has been looking very weary – dunno how he has survived the never ending onslaught of ignorance & pure evil shoveled at him non- stop.

The more I learn about how corrupt this planet’s Inhabitants are – it would take multi EMPs & Nukes to rid them all. ‘Collateral damage’ would be horrendous, but no worse than where it’s all heading now. Quicker too…

Pelosi just woke up & realized she has a shot at the Presidency – she’s #2 now – Pence is #1. She supports abortion (she has FIVE KIDS) – is this why? Wonder how her kids feel…

Feels like a truly major event is crackling in the ether.

Yellowstone still breaths.

Antarctica – volcano Erebus began erupting a few days ago. Antarctica, of all places…

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Webesday (still) 1.23.2019

Epiphany regarding Nancy Pelosi.

She has many children – perhaps this is why she supports PP …

She’s sorry she didn’t have the opportunity to abort a few of them.

Wonder how her kids & husband feel about that?

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Wednesday 1.23.19


NEW YORK STATE – signs into law ABORTION with no limits on life in eutro.

Cuomo orders all ‘points of interest’ in NY State, to light up in pink – to celebrate the new State of New York law.

Sick beyond the pall.

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Wednesday – 1.23.19

28 active volcanoes globally – Mt Etna, came ‘on line’ a few ago.
68 quakes today globally – SO FAR
Alaska still quivers
New Zealand as well with a 6.0 few hours ago.
Yellowstone still swelling (if we’re to believe ‘scientists’)
Democrats/leftists are closer to their ‘coup’ whatever that may entail.
MIDDLE EAST is turning into something out of LOTR – Eye of Saron setting up near DC.
Trump is still our POTUS…and I’m sipping a whiskey now.


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As Much as I Try to Find Truthful History –

NO INKLING of these events perpetrated by Eisenhower & our troops of early wars.

One could say ‘unimaginably hideous’ like Hiroshima & Nagasaki – and the assessment would be correct.

This – however – is a sad, in-human product of war/conflict on all sides of those involved.

It seems as long as humans exist this condition remains in use, intact.


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It Never Leaves…

Your mind, heart, soul…

The unspeakable thrusts upon you; the worst this side of being murdered.

For you, your family, ‘friends’…

It never, ever leaves or adjusts to one’s present existence. It ‘humms’ in the background of who you may believe you are,

And pops up unbidden.

An unconvenient truth...

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I’m Infatuated…

With POTUS, FLOTUS, VP – their families, followers, team members and All.

Those unjustly ‘picked on’ & accused of imaginary ‘crimes’.

With those who’ve lost their lives in pursuit of original truth. As there seems overabundance of meaning of truth now.

With the fact that TWITTER has suspended my humble account.

They and all the ‘biggy’ so called social media accounts facinate – with their trollop-style judgement on truthers.

Am sure.