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The ‘Communication’ Age

Good reminder article… But it’s not shocking in the least.

Seems like for every ‘pound’ of good our POTUS deploys – more whackos come out from everywhere & are intent on pushing untested, untried, under to none evaluated products, methods & into consumer midst…’Tons’ at a time.

And consumers -unreadable their transe gobble it up.

Let’s remember the microwave oven.

Cool! It ‘cooks’ in seconds!

And produces food which no longer has any value whatever, since it rapidly alters everything it ‘cooks’ into a radiated mere look alike – killing all the goodness.

THIS is shocking – people STILL use microwave ovens. RESTARAUNTS still use them too.

After all these years and all the follow through of discovery of how & what microwaves do.

So – new tech? Untried? No. Not shocking in the least.

Most people just don’t care.

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