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It’s a doozy… πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Just a bit of preamble to the tail wagging the dawg.

I’ve a small ranch/farm property – as it turned out.

Since 2008 I’ve been living/camping on it – raw land as one could envision; until fall 2009…

…at which point I managed to accrue an 8 x 12 extra ht. structure – to replace the 10 x 10 camp tent.


Reclaimed materials (lumber, windows, doors & a stove!) from a cabin; windows from the local Forestry buildings; fencing, roofing etc. Stockpiled for months… All began their re-purposing into my home.

It was all I had to use, when I began my shelter… Better than the tent by leaps n bounds.

Still like major camping – but oh so much more better. Who knew I’d still be at it 10.5 years into it…? And just over 16,000 hours of labor.

It’s Dec 15 2018 – & I’ve just been granted a loan for a wonderful ‘help mate’ UTV…

I’ve worked & won a huge portion of my ‘life’ back, since 2007.

The Search

I began looking at ATV-UTV units in 2015,6,7… Came across a site that touted inexpensive units & easy financing. Kept going back to just window shop, as I knew I wouldn’t qualify.

Looking is good.

Meanwhile I had credit from two catalog companies which I began using – to toe into & try to regain ‘credit credibility’… It worked …

Soon I had a couple of regular credit cards… I dropped the catalogs.

I’m still mooning over the ATV/UTV site. Getting closer to buy.

Here’s where it gets REAL interesting…

About 2 months ago I selected a vehicle at site #1… Fill their credit app which refused to go further than the physical address (am remote NM in Catron Co.) – they couldn’t ‘verify’ it…

… Which is done by accessing USPS.

OK – I was deflated.

I contacted the Assessor in CC & she said they don’t know about registering physical address with USPS – ONLY with 911.

No – she would not help.

I questioned the finance org as to their veracity. I don’t believe they took it well. πŸ€”

I began searching for other companies who dealt with these vehicles – and found two more!


Who’s web sites appeared vvverrryyy similar… With the same finance company & a couple others.

Seems they used the same vids – not unusual – but my gut was beginning to say.. mmm..mmm cookie cutter of sorts.

Anyway – tried one & got into a chat convo with this ‘last’ one who states – “congrats’ – U’ve been approved for 5k!” (Hadn’t completed the application yet). But – what do I knowπŸ€”

As it turns out – I was turned down… Called the ‘new’ finance outfit – spoke to a really nice gal – she explained why (3 negative issues from over 8 years ago). I also advised her about being told of a basically done deal… She wasn’t happy about the ‘gun being jumped’ by the sales guy.

Emailing the company about this & pending contact from the finance folks – got me a call from the head honcho of the seller.

Whooo hoooo… πŸ˜‚

He wasn’t thrilled – nor was I – & I got a reluctant apology from him… I did not care – but neither did I engage in more negativity.


It seems these three companies in particular – who all use this same finance company in particular – work in concert… Am sure there must be more if them out there.

I used a different search engine for this product, in NM. Duck Duck Go retrieved Zia Motor Sports, IN NEW MEXICO!


Ecstatic & Flabbergasted (I know – really old word) I cruise their site for over an hour – before relenting & sending an email.

Today – I rec’d a call from one of the most beautifully human & knowlegable people ever… Ever!!!

David Hovey is better than Aces & so is Zia…Gives me goose bumpsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

LATER, I get a call from their finance liason – WOW!

I pick up my new ‘Ranch Pardner’ – a 2019 Polaris brand -2 seat w/dump- first of January!

Z I A – YOU ❣️ won’t do better elsewhere ever.

HAPPY, Happy New Year!!!πŸ˜„

And SUPER Merry Christmas!!!πŸŽ„πŸŽ

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