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And Yet… Mike Adams Still Uses Facebook…


Natural News – Seems a great site for healthy supps etc..

He decries ‘gmail’ (I know all ‘g’ to be tainted w/Satan) but tries to steer all his followers to ‘proton’. .. WHICH may be no better- I’ve rejoined proton – so will form my own opinion of course.

Yet – Adams & all his news sites still ascribe to FB…

Is he ‘that’ obtuse?

Mike – what???

Hard to believe. BUT in the ‘Face‘ of all going on & how they KEEP going on. Maybe don’t make ’Book‘ on it..

MIKE – U CAN only be a fookin fence sitter – til that wire gets HUGELY hot.🔥

U there yet?

Heath Ranger. … Natural News & dozens of other websites de-crying all Anti-conservative issues.

Nice – if honest… But all soft w/no edges except – “buy here!”.

Yeah – nice also he runs his own Nuc lab for testing.. BUT. … . It’s not for those of us who BUILT this once grand Nation. It’s for those who continue to try to destroy it, it seems.

Most of his products (all?) Are very good – however for those of us who would love to avail ourselves – who are regular senior citizens now – he’s priced out of our league.

Like gazing into a huge display window of bullet proof glazing – millions of us can look, dream of healthier food etc., but cannot access.

Congrats Mike Adams… Roast bubba.

Proton email… Has to be a MUCH BETTER one. Will see.

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