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Raytheon Has Purchased Outright or Gained Control of HAARP – in Alaska.

FYI – Raytheon is ALSO RESPONSIBLE for all the Chemtrailed ‘work’ we see in our skies – and their overnight deeds…

HOW do the pilots & those who are employed by Raytheon justify their continuing exhistance? While Raytheon poisons us?

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The ‘Communication’ Age

Good reminder article… But it’s not shocking in the least.

Seems like for every ‘pound’ of good our POTUS deploys – more whackos come out from everywhere & are intent on pushing untested, untried, under to none evaluated products, methods & into consumer midst…’Tons’ at a time.

And consumers -unreadable their transe gobble it up.

Let’s remember the microwave oven.

Cool! It ‘cooks’ in seconds!

And produces food which no longer has any value whatever, since it rapidly alters everything it ‘cooks’ into a radiated mere look alike – killing all the goodness.

THIS is shocking – people STILL use microwave ovens. RESTARAUNTS still use them too.

After all these years and all the follow through of discovery of how & what microwaves do.

So – new tech? Untried? No. Not shocking in the least.

Most people just don’t care.

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As I Sit There where I’ve Fallen…

in the garage, looking for the guinea pair…

They weren’t in their nite enclosure … I tripped (backwards?)

Why – this point…?

Took me five minutes of skootin to get to get to the ball hitch on the truck to haul muhself up …


What the hell was up with that???

It’s a lesson of how fast ‘normal’ can become deadly…

Not tonight perhaps… But definitely in the future… Close future…

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It’s a doozy… 😊😊😊😂😂

Just a bit of preamble to the tail wagging the dawg.

I’ve a small ranch/farm property – as it turned out.

Since 2008 I’ve been living/camping on it – raw land as one could envision; until fall 2009…

…at which point I managed to accrue an 8 x 12 extra ht. structure – to replace the 10 x 10 camp tent.


Reclaimed materials (lumber, windows, doors & a stove!) from a cabin; windows from the local Forestry buildings; fencing, roofing etc. Stockpiled for months… All began their re-purposing into my home.

It was all I had to use, when I began my shelter… Better than the tent by leaps n bounds.

Still like major camping – but oh so much more better. Who knew I’d still be at it 10.5 years into it…? And just over 16,000 hours of labor.

It’s Dec 15 2018 – & I’ve just been granted a loan for a wonderful ‘help mate’ UTV…

I’ve worked & won a huge portion of my ‘life’ back, since 2007.

The Search

I began looking at ATV-UTV units in 2015,6,7… Came across a site that touted inexpensive units & easy financing. Kept going back to just window shop, as I knew I wouldn’t qualify.

Looking is good.

Meanwhile I had credit from two catalog companies which I began using – to toe into & try to regain ‘credit credibility’… It worked …

Soon I had a couple of regular credit cards… I dropped the catalogs.

I’m still mooning over the ATV/UTV site. Getting closer to buy.

Here’s where it gets REAL interesting…

About 2 months ago I selected a vehicle at site #1… Fill their credit app which refused to go further than the physical address (am remote NM in Catron Co.) – they couldn’t ‘verify’ it…

… Which is done by accessing USPS.

OK – I was deflated.

I contacted the Assessor in CC & she said they don’t know about registering physical address with USPS – ONLY with 911.

No – she would not help.

I questioned the finance org as to their veracity. I don’t believe they took it well. 🤔

I began searching for other companies who dealt with these vehicles – and found two more!


Who’s web sites appeared vvverrryyy similar… With the same finance company & a couple others.

Seems they used the same vids – not unusual – but my gut was beginning to say.. mmm..mmm cookie cutter of sorts.

Anyway – tried one & got into a chat convo with this ‘last’ one who states – “congrats’ – U’ve been approved for 5k!” (Hadn’t completed the application yet). But – what do I know🤔

As it turns out – I was turned down… Called the ‘new’ finance outfit – spoke to a really nice gal – she explained why (3 negative issues from over 8 years ago). I also advised her about being told of a basically done deal… She wasn’t happy about the ‘gun being jumped’ by the sales guy.

Emailing the company about this & pending contact from the finance folks – got me a call from the head honcho of the seller.

Whooo hoooo… 😂

He wasn’t thrilled – nor was I – & I got a reluctant apology from him… I did not care – but neither did I engage in more negativity.


It seems these three companies in particular – who all use this same finance company in particular – work in concert… Am sure there must be more if them out there.

I used a different search engine for this product, in NM. Duck Duck Go retrieved Zia Motor Sports, IN NEW MEXICO!


Ecstatic & Flabbergasted (I know – really old word) I cruise their site for over an hour – before relenting & sending an email.

Today – I rec’d a call from one of the most beautifully human & knowlegable people ever… Ever!!!

David Hovey is better than Aces & so is Zia…Gives me goose bumps😀😀😀

LATER, I get a call from their finance liason – WOW!

I pick up my new ‘Ranch Pardner’ – a 2019 Polaris brand -2 seat w/dump- first of January!

Z I A – YOU ❣️ won’t do better elsewhere ever.

HAPPY, Happy New Year!!!😄

And SUPER Merry Christmas!!!🎄🎁

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I …

…Not really the greatest way to begin.

There are SO very many aspects of my own life I would change… Even now 12.8.18…

But can’t be done. Guessing that means I’ll havvta somehow involve in a do over over the parts I think I did badly?


LOTTSA variation on that/those thoughts.

‘karma’ scale – always activated. I’m still running a bit negative. So – we’ll C.

Just a synapses jiggling out verbage.