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Mad World

This accounting is from DC Dirty Laundry and is perfect in all assessments – from my view & circumstances.

An avid Trump follower – on Twitter & from emails, the propaganda and useless rhetoric against this Admin is beyond historic, ugly, cancerous.

Said my piece/s & responses on Twitter (on it for hours per day), observed how thousands if not millions adore their own chatter, less than coming to productive resolutions.

Guess I overspoke yesterday as Twitter locked me down… Then allowed me back in this AM.. then again locked me out – with literally no way back…

Almost 4.5 K followers – never tried for huge numbers – what the hell would one do with them? I believe the “follower” thing is an ego trip beyond understanding. But – that’s just me.

So – if I get back on Twitter – am going to post my blog link & say Adios… There are some exemplary people out there … After reading the share here – you can decide who/what u are & when to leave what has become a MOST Incideous site of planetary reach.

I feel GGGgrrrreatt!!!

Julia Elliott


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