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CarGurus, Credit Crash, Customer NO Service & More


What, exactly, is CarGurus?  Austensibly they’re a vehicle listing service – a huge one.   But does this give them a carte blanche right to treat their clients/site users in a disdainful, inappropriate manner?

I think not.

On or around 6.28/29.18 I found a nice vehicle & via Gurus, requested contact from the seller (private seller listing) after creating an account.

Via Gurus the seller contacted; offer made & accepted; and I began Gurus online financing application.

Gurus stipulates credit scores will not be harmed during this process. Important to me as I had been on a slow but steady credit rebuild of ten years, and was confident of reaching nearly 640 in July.

The application went well; into an congradulatory acceptance page menu of 5 options of time, payment and interest rates, popped up. “Please select one”.

I studied them for a bit – wasn’t keen on their interest rates, but in order to get more info was about to make my selection, when a notice about GAP insurance appeared.

I went to this page to read about this, was considering it and attempted to go back to the loan rate selection page – it was gone.

Backed up to the area of ‘sign in’ to complete the application and most of the previously entered info was also gone.  I began filling in again.

During this I receive a phone call from an Gurus/Autopay rep who advised they had the info from Gurus (I did not send it – how did Autopay get it?)  he just needed a bit more info.  Which I gave him.

He advised a loan agent would call Saturday 6.30.18.

No call.

I got notification from my credit card bank, credit score update.

Opened this up and was shocked to see my rating had plunged.  Could this have been because of Gurus and/or their affiliates loan people?  I felt yes – but I’ve been wrong before.

No calls, follow up, or response until I send a tweet to Gurus – response was quick on that asking for more details in a DM, which they got.

Me- “@CarGurus

This is regarding Gurus’ service and FALSE ADVERTISING IN WHICH YOU state “won’t harm your credit score” I applied, was Accepted & received a page with loan menus to choose from… Was about to make a selection when the page dissappeared after reading about your GAP coverage. Some guy calls & says he needs more info which was given to him – HE didn’t sound very positive at all – said a lender would be in touch yesterday (7.1.18) and no lender call. My credit was up graded yesterday morning. Gurus HAS TRASHED MINE. I should be sitting near 640 on my 10 gruelling years of re-build after losing ALL of 46 years of steady work (2007/2008) & wise investing – getting ready to retire late 2010. Laid off & deemed unemployable at 64 yrs old. Gurus has thrashed my score down to 619. Unacceptable in extreme! THIS IS NOT how you advertised your finance program!!! I am MORE THAN DISPLEASED – UNLESS THIS IS CORRECTED prior end of TODAY – ALL APPROPRIATE CONTACTS WILL BE MADE IN COMPLAINT. AND I’ll also request/demand serious investigation into what Gurus is really about. PLEASE – do not think this won’t happen… I do not false advertise Julia Elliott”

Understandably – Gurus became testy wanting my email contact.  Now – I stated they could get that off their site; they couldn’t find it; who are these people?  Then…

I received an email from an Autopay rep who stated it was not their doing my score went basement.  But NO comment about the loan application, or loan.

Meanwhile the ‘seller’ is in limbo.  We’re both in limbo.

And nothing has been accomplished.

Is using a site such as Gurus a ‘buyer beware’ decision?  Do these sites bear any responsibility toward how they advertise?  Who they’re affiliated with (Autopay)?

Read reviews and assessments of Gurus from dealers and buyers – Gurus is NOT BBB acreditted.

Very negative and mimic what I’m discussing in this essay.

Googling “complaints against CarGurus” will get an enormous list.  And also a nice shiny essay about Gurus from  – Langley Steinert.

And this –


The weight of CarGurus apparent disengenius way of doing business is pretty evenly balanced between buyers and sellers – complaints get slim to no viable answers.

And sometimes – credit scores are thrashed.

Is there more?  Oh ya – you bettcha.


7.3.18 From Autopay:

I am the purchase manager at Autopay and I received a copy of your post stating that Autopay/CarGurus are responsible for the drop in your credit score.  Which credit bureau are you looking at? How are you getting this information on Autopay pulling your credit?  Our lenders use Experian(we do not use Transunion or Equifax) and here is a list of your inquiries from Experian. There are no inquiries from Autopay or any of our lending partners that would change your credit. If you have any information showing otherwise I would be happy to go over it with you. As I mentioned in my previous email we did not do a hard pull on your credit. Please let me know if you have any questions.

7.3.18 from me:

Ok- am aware of the 2 yr olds – have no knowledge of the recent Query

But why didn’t you send also the 7 open accounts listed?  You can do this or not -I’m sending for all 3 ”reporting agencies”.
Last month 3 open accounts were listed – I have 3. … 7.1.18 update lists 7 open accounts … I don’t believe in coincidences.
I began on CarGurus a month & days ago & immediately began getting numerous calls to my number which had not been given to any entity at the time – except Gurus.
Gurus clearly has interlocking interfaces & algos with loan co’s & ALSO use massive autodial text Mssging etc…. Different number each time.  Sampled, numbers are disabled within seconds.  3 to 5 per day from NM to NY – one cannot disengage a number that quickly – unless the comms provider/s somehow involved with all this.
Did hours researching Gurus yesterday – VAST amounts of negatives across the board.  Lawsuit regarding their non-permissioned auto calling/texting (class action) complainants winning.
ALSO Gurus withhold contacts from potential buyer to sellers/dealers.  And vice versa. NOT accidental.  Gurus IPO’d Oct of last year (2017).  New BODs – they’re NOT doing a job of correcting – IF THEY even care.  This site & all who work within or out of it could be super successful with nothing but five star reviews.
Instead – is – as outlined here and massively, on the net, a Trainwreck.
Many, many dealers have only negative inputs re Gurus biz actions – inactions.
Perhaps it wasn’t Autopay specifically – but was certainly started by simply using Guru’s website – how do you separate?
The potentual Sport Trac purchase – on or around 6.29.18 am sure, is now a lost opportunity.  IF IT WAS VALID to begin with, as some of the complaints involve ‘bait & switch’ tactics; both with ‘dealers’ & ‘private sellers’.
All extreme poor business with loads of chicanery.
Thank you for the contact – I’ll use this email to post as well.  Both – but no name other than ‘Autopay’…


CLEARLY – CarGurus & possibly their close affiliates, live as an “untouchable” entities.

Truly makes me think of PONZI & MONEY LAUNDERING.

FUN FACT: The word ‘Autopay’ kept filling in as ‘Autopsy’….


07.04.18 Happy Fourth Independence Day 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Regarding the all out strange runaway contacts to my phone – THEY SEEM TO HAVE STOPPED COLD  after sending all to Gurus/Autopay.

ALSO no recontact from seller since his last… I sent 3 or four info mssgs to him & he’s been fully responsive til this last. Gurus – hard at work keeping comms to themselves and cutting off buyers & sellers again.

This entire group involved – CarGurus, Autopay, communications providers, many of Gurus subscribing Dealers, some of the private sellers, need to be thoroughly opened up and scrutinized for shady & shody practices.

Very shady, Very Shoddy.




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