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I Could Write a Book About You, Carol…

I’ve been re-reading many of our e-mails today & found this one written the day after you left.

Miss you.

….But you’ve always known of this.

Above all people, you have displayed angelic patience & support to someone who flailed her way through what’s called life…and still flailing.
Flailing was all I knew & you knew this & helped where you could, and did so in lasting emotional fashion. I’ve thanked you many times over the years & now again … In departure.
There truly are few words – but a wealth of internalized ‘feelings, emotions, boundless love, affection, shared sorrows, shared exuberance’ & oh, yeah – the clothes lining…
You will always be a combination of all you matured into, Carol – for sooooo many people, family and all.
For me – there will never be a friend, a family, as steadfast as you…
I hope you find all those gone before & that Roscoe & Max will find you… & guide you. U knew Maxine only by name & pics – but she is part of the lineage of precious canines of my own life. May they forgive me for my proclivities toward them.
You, Carol, are my hugest emptiness now – which I’ll fill up with enormous, ripe memories… Many of them encompass ALL of you Alexanders & Kilbas – thank you…
Til I’m gone.
J n gurldawg Kat…😳🐾🐾

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