To Trump: how to win the war in Afghanistan

Could easily work… 😆🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

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To Trump: how to win the war in Afghanistan

by Jon Rappoport

May 29, 2018

Win the war in Afghanistan? Impossible, you say?

Dear Mr. Trump: it can be done, I assure you.

There is a pattern. It’s tried and true. It’s been tested in America for decades. So let’s rely on this accumulated wisdom and put it to good use. Finally.


Buckle up. This doesn’t need an executive summary. It isn’t a position paper. It’s an all-out attack. Let’s roll!

From hundreds of planes, drop fast food all over Afghanistan. Burgers. Fishsticks. McMuffins. Legs, breasts, wings—two weeks of chicken done right. It’s a good intro. Lightens everybody up a little. Hey, they’ve been cooking vulture over yak excrement for centuries. They’ll love the change. And the numerous chemicals in the food will begin to slow them down. That’s a given.

Then, from those same planes—candy! Fifty thousand tons…

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For my gone husband – Robert Duane Elliott – thanks Bob for your service in 1st Cav Vietnam 1966-68… For your enduring love – then deep friendship.

Thank you Dad – for what you endured with the RAF… A walk in the park compared to mom – she had her good moments for you – not enough tho. Always love – thank you for all you taught me.

Uncle Mike – mom’s brother – who was the first handsome man outside of Dad & two brothers, that I became aware how handsome; 4 years in the Canadian Special Armed Forces… Wish I had gotten to know you.

Thank you…

Gonna Do a Mental Ramble Here…

How many of you who may come upon this – have had to deal with the following:

Have to be at least a few – or many…


Stan – brother… Dad… Then Mom… Bert – other brother… Bud, Georgia my mom & dad in-laws… Others of this sweet in-law family… Bob – my twice husband from 1966 … And more recently – Carol – a staunch friend of over 64 years – my last friend… And lately – my brother Bert’s widow -my sis-in-law …

All gone…

I have dreams – some very strange – but I think- these places are a plane of existence we go to when we die. And have to pass ‘tests’ to get out and move on…

Not pleasant, confusing – but is what it is…

Dreamt of Shaniko the other night. A filly Bob & I raised a showed successfully. She was a beaut.

She was waiting on the corner of a crossroads – just standing there patiently… I saw her & she me. I walked toward her & we had a very low key communication – all thought – I was to follow her…

I did. We started up the road to her right – my left… At a liesurely pace. We were quiet – I did not ask questions… But felt grateful to have her as my guide…

I woke up – puzzled – but at great peace…


My God…

Sunday Offering of a Final Roundup Ride

Even in the 90’s Rounding up cattle could only be done as always had been done – a team effort from the back of a horse.

At my already ‘dated age’ I was sought out to help on such.

Well – hell ya – I’m IN…

In earlier story telling, the horse I had was a bonifide runaway. We got to know each other intimately during this gathering & drive.

It’s dirty, dusty work & on THIS ranch – dangerous with Cholla…

One carries a fine-toothed comb to scrape Cholla off your horse – or you- if unfortunate to have to.

Day one of the gathering was fairly uneventful. Horse & I newly reaquainted were doing well. He was sure footed & I could feel he wanted to please.

What more could one ask…?

The second day was more challenging as we were gathering & pushing out of heavy Cholla areas.

Ground hell.

As nimble as the mount was – he grazed a ‘bush’ – I could tell & pulled him up… Offending piece hanging just back of cinch … Gawd…

He was trembling a bit, but not moving away like some horses might do under similar circumstances.

Talking to him the whole time, I kept contact with his neck, then shoulder & moved in toward the Cholla. Comb out – I gave him a couple of light thumps just below the saddle and combed that chunk off.

He quit trembling almost as soon as it was out, even tho there were a few spines to get out. Did that with a pair of pliers… Roughed up the area a bit with my glove & off we went to catch the group ahead, while looking for hide out stragglers. Ha! Found three! After catching up, we found out this particular area of the ranch was done.

We broke early to meet in the morning, coffee up, saddle up & trailer the horses into another section about 8 miles from HQ. We were riding by 8 AM or so.

It was a long day with the largest part if the herd finally in front heading to meet up with the others left in a water tank pen.

A few hours later, we were there. Dust was about horse high & thick. I was getting tired about now as well, and as sometimes happens – dropped a rein.

And knew exactly what would follow.

I tried to grab for it, missed, he stepped on it, threw his head back, and clocked me good.

I had sunglasses on & was hit just to right of bridge…Dayyum! Did that hurt.

Horse stopped dead in his tracks even with all the commotion around us – he didn’t budge. Good boy – cuz at that moment I could barely see and was dizzy.

No one saw any of this.

After a few minutes all the cattle & riders were by – I dismounted & checked his mouth, gave him a few pats & we walked up and over the dirt berm to the water.

Dunked my scarf in & washed the dirt, mud, tears & mucous off my face – best I could. Haaa – what a sight I must’ve been.

Mounted back up and we set off at a brisk pace to catch up again. 20 or so minutes later – we were riding drag again.

No further adventures that day and we secured over 300 head in the HQ pens. Put the horses up, brushed and fed – then a few headed to the ranch house before heading home.

I needed hydration & to just sit down for a bit before driving back to Tucson.

Took off my hat and glasses and started in on a bottle of water – the foreman walks in, looks at me and stopped cold…”Good God Almighty! What happened to you!!!”. Genuine shock right there.

I hadn’t looked to see my eye – wasn’t bothering me that much by then & I forgot about it. Well, the foreman startled me into finding a mirror and what I saw was a beaut. Big and purple with over half the white now red… No wonder he yelped.

I had to work at my regular job next day and wasn’t committed to the ranch til 2 days down the road… So I told the foreman give my regards to all & I headed home.

When I arrived – my good boy Roscoe was jumping all over the gate area – thrilled I was back… Opened the gate – drove in and parked after a brief howdy do with the guy dawg – who got kinda subdued after a few sniffs.

Closed the gate & headed inside straight to the shower… But not before Roscoe had his questions answered… Haaaaa!

Hat & glasses off – he knew something was wrong – half of my face by now didn’t belong – it disturbed him & took about an hour to convince him ‘it was OK’… What a guydawg.

Uneventful nite – sound sleep… At the office by 0800.

Boss takes one look & does a repeat of the ranch foreman. By now – I’m getting ‘into it’…

Since I was a sales/designer for landscaping – I told him I thought I could work this black eye and swelling, by saying I didn’t meet quota & ‘The boss slugged me’… 🙄😁

It was a joke, but to his credit, he wasn’t keen – that I wouldn’t do this… Haaa!

So – he said “take the rest of the week off”… So I did, after thanking him… He was staring after me as I left – shaking his head a bit.

I returned to Deep Wells for the separating and cattle truck loading. Got my same horse – we were both glad to see each other!

No further incidents of note & this horse was an experienced cutter by end of my final day there. He was a natural – a sight to see, a marvel to ride & be part of this skillful pony.

Even Jolly seemed impressed, hard bitten rancher n all.

And that was it.

A lot of events rolled into one I won’t ever forget.

“I got Spurs that jingle jangle jingle…”

The Question of UFO’S …

They are, after all, ‘unidentified flying objects’.

Which basically means anything that appears to be moving, or static in the sky. Could be anything that one cannot identify: drones of any shape, weather balloon devices, other observation platforms built at the behest of our government – any government.

Thousands of us have experienced sighting them, watching them; then boom! Gone in the blink of an eye.

They could also be extraterrestrial – can’t rule it out.

Here’s what I’ve seen, since living in New Mexico. New Mexico!??? Yep, we all know about the ‘events’ that occurred way back when – & Roswell. More to this story as well – later.

Several times very reflective floaters have been observed in vicinity skies, above or near my ranch. All unexplained but so interesting to watch. Day time sightings – who knows what floats at night…

Well – about 4 years ago, I had awakened from a dreamless, sound sleep – checked the time – just prior 0300, moonless dark.

Passing the windows I spotted a fairly large, moving light to Northwest.

Shouldn’t have been there – where it was – slow moving – close to tree line on the ridge.

It was about the size of an approaching headlight from about 1000 or so feet off, gaining size as it came closer. Couldn’t make out what was behind that light.

The ‘thing’ was just above the tree line, as closer it got, could make out the tops of the trees lighting up briefly and it slowed and began to move in a slower, still forward, but back and forth kinda dog hunting pattern.

Then it travelled southward along the ridge. I – quick as I could in the dark- went outside to keep an better eye on it as it was now partially obstructed by trees near the cabin.

Good – still there – and I watched as it now slowed to a stop – still above the ridge and tree line, just south of a neighboring property. It hovered, still, not moving for several seconds.

Then no warning, an enormous beam of white/bluish light from opposite side of valley flashed at the hovering light – held a few seconds & blinked off. The beam lit the valley floor under it but not much around it and didn’t light the ‘receiving’ object.

I estimated the beam to be at least 50′ in depth – width ? No telling.

“Communicating” was the first thing that came into my astonished mind.

When the beam was gone the ‘headlight’ lifted higher and seemed to turn westward & it too vanished.

A beam of light – reminding of a tractor beam like in Sci Fi stories; but not emanating from the flier but somewhere else… ? Horizontal.

I made coffee.

Daylight came & my gurldawg (who remained undisturbed through all) and I took a hike to the other side of the valley up to the ridgeline.

Estimating about where the beam was coming from I could see a smallish trailer, positioned exactly where it needed to be if this beam somehow came from it.

Could I get to it? Easily. Did I? No.

To best of my knowledge, no one has ever visited or stayed there. I see it every time we hike the ranch. Been there since shortly after I moved here in 2008.

Will I ever take this further & drive up the community road to it? Doubtful.

For now, there are just some things best to lie fallow, maybe for a few more years.


It’s May… 2018 Honoring My Fallen Warrior

In May 2012, Bob was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

His pain was so bad at this point the only control was a device sewn into his shoulder to admin drugs – then the toxic waste the medicos said ‘might help’.

They knew and Bob certainly knew, it was a no go. He hopefully allowed it, but knew in his heart, it wouldn’t work… He could ‘feel’ it wouldn’t.

The horror was – he had been complaining about his problem, since October of 2011- the medicos could find nothing. The medicos were worthless. He kept after them, and kept getting worse.

Then May of 2012 arrived, along with Bob’s death notice. A lot more to this, which I won’t relate.

He knew the score – he had skin in the game. He was an avid & excellent golfer & I had just about convinced him to try Pro-Am. It wasn’t to be.

Upon his diagnoses – within hours he emailed everyone to prepare for his death. How does one do this?

You’d have to be Bob; at least in part.

Not being able to withstand more than three treatments, he opted out as he was now pushed to his maximum of disability. By last week in June he emailed all, he’d opted to go into hospice care.

The last phase of the death watch had begun. One cannot even imagine what goes through a mind, that knows it will soon be no more. A vitality winding down, and KNOWING it’s coming to conclusion.

Bob did this.

No one could die better – only as well as he.

Mid July – at 2200 hours, he swung his last club; got an Eagle; turned to beam at everyone as tears trickled slowly, softly down his cheeks. He turned back to face the green and flag in the distance; his image fading, fading, fading. The chuff, chuffing of sprinklers in the distance; and he was gone; and he took this scene with him.

I will always miss you Bob – thank you for your dream visits – so much more than expected.

Your twice wife and always friend – Julia❤️