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The United States Postal Service – practicing ‘pony express’… And needing much more practice (then of course – Amazon & UPS involvement)…

I ordered a skin care product via Amazon & it was packed up & sent on it’s merry way to moi, in NM. Estimated delivery 12th to 16th of March 2018… It left the ‘Fulfillment Warehouse – Washington State, on 6/7 March 2018.

It was in Albuquerque, NM on the 11th… Then in TX somewhere on the 13th. Bypassing NM it continued to AZ by the 14th…

The 15th ‘progress’ advisory stated it “was in transit”… Then a vacuum of info until it shows up in – OAKLAND, CA! On the 28th…

It then “departs” Oakland.

Several hours later – it “departs” Oakland a second time..

Then the advisory it’s “in transit” on the 29th.

On the 30th it has arrived again in Albuquerque sorting annex… I wait.

They must’ve treated this like a hot potato – because slightly after 10:30 AM – USPS final advisory – “delivered to POB box” same day – the 30th.

That’s over 140 miles, more than half winding mountain roads.


STILL can’t stop laughing. Whether this small item were flown or ground travelled, it has gone over WA, OR, UT, NV, NM, TX, NM, AZ, CA, AZ, NM – pretty much in that order…

And WE taxpayers pay these people – well, the USPS part.

Update: “And WE taxpayers pay these people” – only partly true now – since retrieval of the ‘package’ – the labeling reveals UPS was also DEEPLY INVOLVED… As is/was revealed by the label. Hmmmmm..

“UPS Mail Innovations”… My, my, my.


Here tis!!!

THIS was the entire package content… Right here.

So, now am wondering if the contents of that tube are still viable – but will have to wait a few more days to really get into it’s use.

Removal of mole & skin tags.

Amazon = mole

Skin tags = USPS/UPS

There’s not nearly the quantity to rid them.

Short update – stuff did not perform as advertised. That is all 5.2.18…


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