A spiritual experience, dedicated to my wife

Heartfelt truth from Jon Rappoport… 4.30.18

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A spiritual experience, dedicated to my wife

by Jon Rappoport

April 30, 2018

We have all had moments when we were lost, and someone appeared out of the gloom to help us. Friend, stranger. A hand was offered, and we took it.

An electricity was joined, and we were brought to a clearing in the woods and a path back home.

We are all having a spiritual experience in this physical world, and we are learning, as we go along, what that experience is. Here and now.

Life is the place where we learn it. There are cosmic jokes and tricks and pain and suffering and joy. But we persist. It is in our nature. In order to provide help. In order to learn and know. In order to express courage and love and imagination.

In order to be more of what we are.

So when an experience or a…

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Saturday; Tripping All the Way Back to the Sixties

Robert Duane Elliott and I met in Hawaii in 1965. I was a Miss Hawaii contender & worked retail in the Waikiki Market Place.

Bob was a recent graduate from LaJolla – turned temporarily – beach bum.

Perfect match… 😅😅😅😁

His parents lived & worked in Hawaii, and lived on a fairly large boat in the Hawaii Yacht Harbor. Beautiful people.

On a beach in Maui.

I was working in Lahaina for the retailer – at The Whaling Spree Fair – Bob came over from Waikiki to propose.

It was a ‘rush’ for both of us & the progression resulted in our marriage, in January 1966.


When he came back from Vietnam, we began a small horse operation in Yorba Linda, CA, raising, training, showing Appaloosas.

This was our first and best. We qualified her to go to The Nationals in Las Vegas by 1971/72.

Our ranchette was neighboring a slightly larger one owned by Dr. Gary & Lu Gordon.

Since we were pretty much the same age – we became friends & Dr. Gary was already our animal Vet. He specialized in horses & was a premier Doc to a large number of valuable & famous horses of the time.

Including Roy Rogers’ Trigger.

Rogers, as all know, was closely connected with Son’s of the Pioneers Western singing group. They were always fantastic.

Gary and Lu were invited to an evening BBQ at a large ranch in the foothills of Northwest Orange County & they, in turn, asked if we’d also like to attend.

Sons of the Pioneers would be the entertainment… Ya! We jumped on that one alright.

No mic or formalities – sitting around a campfire on hay bales – and immersing in their music – clear night loaded with stars up above – and across from us.

They sang ALL of their hits… Mesmerized and immersed – Bob especially – since he also was a musician, acoustic guitarist and fantastic singer.

Magic. Magnificent.

Over two hours of unforgettable, never fading memory.


Bob… So very many things about Bob – and the family.

For now – grazing Bob’s iceberg – what a voice.

Accomplished at accompanying himself while he sang, was a marvel at entertaining all within hearing distance.

I may be hearing impaired now – but his notes and emotion will never, ever leave me. Or likely, those who were blessed to listen & are still living.

When finishing College he happened to acquaint then befriend original Mariachis who played Southern Cal.

They took to each other – they mentored & he learned fast. Their styles & language.

He was invited to ‘jam’ on numerous occasions.

My favorite was La Paloma…

Bob was basically medium barritone but he managed to hit the very high notes with heartbreaking accuracy.

I get chills yet – after decades – when I recall his voice and style /singing/playing.

Loved you then – and always Bob…

1944 – 2012…

I own both our heartbreaks – I know you didn’t want to go – I’m so very sorry – thank you for coming to me in the dreams – I wanted more, but dared not push…


I have so much of you with me until it’s my turn to leave – this is understated as I don’t have the words to convey all I’m immersed in when I think if you – recalling of the best of us in 4-D.

As constant as our emails, calls, flowers to me; to you, were, it was your last written letter & gift that poured me into a dark pit of remorse and self beating – then you lifted me out…

I could hear you say as you pulled me out “You don’t belong there…” It’s been so very, very hard for you to know you were dying … Hard for all of us – but YOU most of all… I know this.


I rediscovered the envelope yesterday 4.29.18 – it was like a gift. Was it also a sign of some kind? Don’t know, but this and a couple other things have me on medium/high alert.

What is it Bob? What do you need? How can I help?


Friday Flights of Fancy and Flashbacks

Decades ago – on a flight from Northern Cali to Southern, an unscheduled landing was made & THIS guy boards.

My heart be still…

Disembarking in SoCal, I couldn’t resist intruding as we waited for luggage – and asked to shake his hand.

He turns toward me – gives a fast up n down and says, as he’s now holding my arm “we can do better” pulling me toward him, and kisses me Roundly!

One perfect movie type smooch… Gives me a short final glance, a wink & that very same smile and moves off with his luggage & a couple of people who were with him.

Glenn Ford …

Took me many seconds to regain my wits to move on, myself.

Memories and Cowboys never die & as it turns out – barely fade away.


One if the best voices in Country Cowboy music. Rex Allen…

Listened to him a lot – also decades ago.

When I lived in Northern CA in the 70’s, I was a State of CA Animal Control Officer – working in the Eureka & surrounding areas. Part of the duties required doing radio & TV ads to gain donations & heighten awareness against animal abuse & abandonment.

His son, Rex Allen Jr., was running that part of the station at the time – so I had to work with him to get the spots done correctly. (What in earth was RA Jr. doing in this area? Never discovered it.)

Was exciting & kinda overwhelming to find out who this fellow was & he was a great director – of course.

Another super Friday Flashback.


The Legendary Tom Mix.

Back in the day, Tucson AZ used to be the go to area for many film stars to retreat.

Many of them were heavy alcohol consumers too. Tom kinda rode in that category. A lot of these folks befriended locals, including ranchers.

Deep Wells Ranch, North & West of Tucson – closer to Florence, AZ was a Tom Mix favorite apparently.

Don’t know who owned it at that point, but I was invited to a BBQ & met the current owner operators of that time.

Stan Jolly & his crew. This was in 1994 – I believe.

There were about 20 or so people & a few of us saddled up & went riding. I’ll expand on this further down – under sub-title ‘The Ride’.

During the course of the day I discovered Tom’s basic relationship to Deep Wells.

The end point being – his last visit may have likely been filled with partying; weather was turning to heavy rain; Tom decides to head back to Tucson before the 5 +/- miles of dirt roads in & out of ranch HQ, turn to muck and mire.

He leaves in his Cadillac.

That was the last he was seen of, until discovered in a wash, beside the main highway; could’ve been too slick; likely driving too fast while feeling too good.

There’s a very nice monument commemorate of Tom, not far from – Cadillac Wash.


The Ride

In Tucson not far from where I lived, was a favorite spot I liked to visit. It was a western boot & leather shop. I’d been going in & out for several months & one day get to chatting with a gal who apparently ordered her leather through the shop.

Sally? Was Sally her name?

In short about her – she was contracted to build many of the Star Trek sets!

She’s the one who urged me to “come to the BBQ – it’ll be fun!” Well, I didn’t know her, but decided my dog & I would try it.

I’m not a very good crowd-of-any-size person at this point, but wasn’t too uncompfy at this do – especially with the pending goof-off ride.

The horse they assigned was “green broke – so be careful.” Well, Hmmmmm.

He ground handled well, & was decent on he 20 minute or so ride – then while on an easy lope back to HQ – he does a genuine runnaway job. Jeezuz…

Oh yeah – I felt that build & break – but wasn’t quick enough to stop it.

Am pulling to one side to turn his head gradually & slow him down – he was BOOKIN!!!

And as we blast past the crowd of on- lookers, he had to slow more cuz of the continuing acute angle on his head & neck by then.

Horse is smart enough to know to yield rather than crash. Good boy!

A few folks were concerned … I got down and began rubbing his neck & poll; had him spit the bit so I could check his mouth, patted some more & led him back toward the corrals.

Jolly fast steps over asks if I’m ok & says “quite a show you put on”…I laugh & say”yep, that’s me – entertainment to maximum”.

More laughing.

He says he’ll put the horse up – I say, naw – I’ll finish what I started – & did.

A few weeks later I was asked to be a rider in their roundup – need all the good riders they could gather. Plan on a week…

I considered this thoroughly before agreeing – Cholla cactus like dangerous weeds cover that ranch pretty much without relief. Get some on your horse – could be rodeo time.

I asked for, and got, my original mount. They thought I was a bit nuts at this – but I got him.

He turned into one of the best working horses I’ve ever ridden – and was reigning smooth as silk at the end of that week.

Sometimes – just takes a woman’s hand & mind. 😋


Sure – the roundup part has some story as well, but leaving THAT for later too…

First genuine black eye (and last, to date anyway) I ever achieved… 😁



Chimeras & the Science 😎😐


1.4 billion granted BY THE ARMY – OUR TAX DOLLARS toward this research.

NIH is against it (for now).

Personal opinion: there are thousands of researcher, doctor, scientists involved in the Chimera projects in USA alone.

ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO DONATE AT LEAST ONE KIDNEY &/OR A LOBE OF LIVER… This would relieve the need, substantially, of ‘organ shortages’… in these two areas at least.

JAPAN is about to pass a bill legalizing raising animals (primarily swine from the look of it) for human organ replacement.

All of this has been in play for decades & I bet most thought this may’ve ended with UK producing ‘Dolly’ the cloned sheep – DECADES AGO!

And you know what? This just grazes what is really happening out there amongst all these Frankenstein Labs & ‘Doctors’.

My bet also – a LOT of the ‘mysteriuosly’ missing children are being used by these experimenters.


Ministry of Truth, Health, Dead that aren’t, & skiing on Mars…

Dr. Joseph Mercola compilation… Pretty gruesome read – & do recall Robin’s novel ‘Coma’ for some of it.

Here ya go…

pic is still from the ’78 film ‘Coma’…


The United States Postal Service – practicing ‘pony express’… And needing much more practice (then of course – Amazon & UPS involvement)…

I ordered a skin care product via Amazon & it was packed up & sent on it’s merry way to moi, in NM. Estimated delivery 12th to 16th of March 2018… It left the ‘Fulfillment Warehouse – Washington State, on 6/7 March 2018.

It was in Albuquerque, NM on the 11th… Then in TX somewhere on the 13th. Bypassing NM it continued to AZ by the 14th…

The 15th ‘progress’ advisory stated it “was in transit”… Then a vacuum of info until it shows up in – OAKLAND, CA! On the 28th…

It then “departs” Oakland.

Several hours later – it “departs” Oakland a second time..

Then the advisory it’s “in transit” on the 29th.

On the 30th it has arrived again in Albuquerque sorting annex… I wait.

They must’ve treated this like a hot potato – because slightly after 10:30 AM – USPS final advisory – “delivered to POB box” same day – the 30th.

That’s over 140 miles, more than half winding mountain roads.


STILL can’t stop laughing. Whether this small item were flown or ground travelled, it has gone over WA, OR, UT, NV, NM, TX, NM, AZ, CA, AZ, NM – pretty much in that order…

And WE taxpayers pay these people – well, the USPS part.

Update: “And WE taxpayers pay these people” – only partly true now – since retrieval of the ‘package’ – the labeling reveals UPS was also DEEPLY INVOLVED… As is/was revealed by the label. Hmmmmm..

“UPS Mail Innovations”… My, my, my.


Here tis!!!

THIS was the entire package content… Right here.

So, now am wondering if the contents of that tube are still viable – but will have to wait a few more days to really get into it’s use.

Removal of mole & skin tags.

Amazon = mole

Skin tags = USPS/UPS

There’s not nearly the quantity to rid them.

Short update – stuff did not perform as advertised. That is all 5.2.18…