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The DNA Game …


Jon Rappoport writes an article regarding what ‘science’ is doing for ‘us’ as a species. It ain’t pretty and it’s getting ready for grand release globally, from the feel of it.

When I read Robin Cook’s novel – Coma – in 1977 or 78, what jarred me about it was the hair raising realism. It was a short mental step to parse it’s likely not as much fiction, as it is a thinly veiled story of fact’.

Four decades later – I’m even more positive the stories Cook writes – are that, indeed; possibly more.

So ‘human trials’ with DNA altering began over 3 years ago – plus/minus. And researchers have admitted there are no controls once injected.

It does it’s ‘intended’ job – then apparently continues alterations all over the human subjects

Outcome – unknown – except the possible deaths already racked up.


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