MKULTRA – Brainchild of CIA – Back Before WW2 & Forward


Jon Rappoport again ratified his earlier reporting with a serious reminder, names & books to study.

With straightforward, easy to follow in spite of the depth information, this is a read – that YOU need to cover.

Lexington, Kentucky – home of the first experimental hospital in USA.

The ‘program’ is STILL ongoing, with solid involvement of medicos & Psychiatrics (NO surprise) & early participation of 2 military branches – which did surprise.

Thanks Jon.


DNA Game – Heats Up… Some Original Reports on CRISPR being Forced Back into the Bag.


Of course… Because in all likelihood CRSPR was the huge, final thrust of the New World Order, Deep State Globalist, Vatican Mafioso.

CRSPR has been worked up for years. Combine this, if you will (& ‘they’ most certainly will) with their new horn tooting of embryo production without egg or sperm involvement – and yaaaaaaayyyy. Not…🙁😕👎

Baaaaaaaah.🐑🐏🐑🐏 isn’t this how they supposedly cloned a sheep years ago – using stem cells from another sheep? Have to look it up.

Meanwhile Jon Rappoport is keeping us updated – while MSM is naturally doing what they do best – nada…

The DNA Game …


Jon Rappoport writes an article regarding what ‘science’ is doing for ‘us’ as a species. It ain’t pretty and it’s getting ready for grand release globally, from the feel of it.

When I read Robin Cook’s novel – Coma – in 1977 or 78, what jarred me about it was the hair raising realism. It was a short mental step to parse it’s likely not as much fiction, as it is a thinly veiled story of fact’.

Four decades later – I’m even more positive the stories Cook writes – are that, indeed; possibly more.

So ‘human trials’ with DNA altering began over 3 years ago – plus/minus. And researchers have admitted there are no controls once injected.

It does it’s ‘intended’ job – then apparently continues alterations all over the human subjects

Outcome – unknown – except the possible deaths already racked up.