Am genuinely SICK of it…

Living in FOURTH world conditions – trying to claw my way out into genuine humanity; I believe ‘humanity’ picked up the chess pieces & left in a huff.  The board left behind – if no one else claims it – I will & patch a window with it.

Just – goddamned fuckin sick of it…

If anyone reading this teeny complaint of 46+ years of steady, decent work & then complete loss, COMPLETE LOSS – of all worked toward, except my fury… Don’t hesitate to contact…well – hesitate a little.

Not entirely accurate.  The only thing NOT lost – the acreage I’m on now – and have been on, in varying stages of struggle, since Summer 2008.

Ha!  MAGA!  Too late for me – but by God – not for MILLIONS…  Do right by ’em @POTUS (on twitter).

Burning in my tears…

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