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Winter Has Finally Arrived – for a few days anyway

Some pics of the storm that was – 1.21.18.

Happy MAGA Day on the 20th… Thank you DJT for what U’ve done – are trying to do.

This beautiful frigid AM…Kat enjoys a jacketed outing.

This is our snug place. In progress since fall of 2009. I view it as ‘weird art’…😀 which is functional & sound in any weather. I built this…

Just rolling into full sunshine, the meadow is lit up.

Blue mesa verge in the distance marks where the the town is – at it’s base. 14 + miles to get there – this view is about 9 +/- miles.

Optical illusion – of sorts… Scroll to bottom of roof line – kinda looks like giant ice spikes in ground.

Chain, chain, chaaaiiinnnn – of ice… Been icier in past …

This pre mini- avalanche has been hanging off roof edge for 2 days now… Ha!

Yeah – we hike in the snow – but THESE are under it in varying stages of exposure – to no exposure. Acres of it… Challenging – for me; gurldawg – not so much…

Just a neat pic… Love this weather…💕💜💕🙌🙌🙌