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The Wall – Construction Could Include Prison Space

I’ll include a detailed structural draft in a few days.

More prison space is needed, evidently, but this could initially be reserved for ’empty barrels’ and swamp dwellers.  This may also resolve a good part of the issue of wall funding.

Along much of this wall at a minimum of 15 feet up – build prison cells in end to end alignment.   All the cells would face south – into mexico.

The structural measurements could be: cells – 6’w X 10’L X 8-9′ ceiling – with chase space of 3 to 4’w running the length of all cells and in between each cell, if necessary.  Along the inside or north side – abbutting a 6 foot wide monitoring/service corridor.

Total width across wall approx 16 to 18 feet.

Exercise area on the roof with a protective, solid fence along the south edge of cells – open fencing otherwise to north, east, west – covered/sitting areas central to the exercise area.

Construct blocks in 20 unit increments utilizing the continuation of the service corridor as a travel track to the next block & a third block – which houses the main food services area, medical, support offices, quarters for the inmate handlers.  Since this is a remote location, appropriate work schedules will have to be devised.

Usual prison amenities for inmates.


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