The Wall – Construction Could Include Prison Space

I’ll include a detailed structural draft in a few days.

More prison space is needed, evidently, but this could initially be reserved for ’empty barrels’ and swamp dwellers.  This may also resolve a good part of the issue of wall funding.

Along much of this wall at a minimum of 15 feet up – build prison cells in end to end alignment.   All the cells would face south – into mexico.

The structural measurements could be: cells – 6’w X 10’L X 8-9′ ceiling – with chase space of 3 to 4’w running the length of all cells and in between each cell, if necessary.  Along the inside or north side – abbutting a 6 foot wide monitoring/service corridor.

Total width across wall approx 16 to 18 feet.

Exercise area on the roof with a protective, solid fence along the south edge of cells – open fencing otherwise to north, east, west – covered/sitting areas central to the exercise area.

Construct blocks in 20 unit increments utilizing the continuation of the service corridor as a travel track to the next block & a third block – which houses the main food services area, medical, support offices, quarters for the inmate handlers.  Since this is a remote location, appropriate work schedules will have to be devised.

Usual prison amenities for inmates.


The Morphing of the Word “Tolerance” 

A medium length comment.

When I was going to school, growing up & following my dad around like a puppy – I absorbed a huge amount from just watching what he did & how he did it.

At the time I didn’t know/realize this was what was taking place – all this osmosis. 

Much of what he did was of a highly precise mechanical/engineering nature – it was the forties and fifties erra and if one lived remotely – on farms – one better have and practice this talent on whatever had an engine – which he did.

One of the things I noted was his precise measurings of mechanical parts, bits & pieces to find their “tolerance” when assembled & working as a whole.

“Tolerance” will forever, for me, be recognized in this capacity of meaning – purely engine/motor/ mechanical; it pleases me no end to realize this, as it also reminds me of dad.

How the word seems most used now, has been dragged into the sludge of ‘PC’… which to many – myself included – find the whole ‘PC’ and IT’s morphology pretty intolerable.

However I’ll be aware of discovering my own level of “tolerance” for all the apparent insanity being revealed.

Have as great a day as possible.