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Memorial Day – 2017

Here’s to Roscoe, Bear & Tux,

Here’s to Shaniko, Annie & Irish;

Here’s to Max – who many knew;

Here’s to precious Maxine – who should still be here.

Here’s to Kat – who has troubles of her own –

Here’s to Bob – his mom & dad … & many others of the Elliotts – I thank them all for allowing me into their lives.

Here’s to dad, Bert & Stan all gone too soon; and to Roulette, who raised me into my teens.

Here’s to so many I’ve met who’ve passed on.

And here’s to you – all of you…still bravely here, not gone.

And very sadly now, I add a note for Carol – my friend since 1954. She died on December 28th, her heart could take no more.

She was a best on the planet person to her family and her friends; she helped me through numerous challenges with my own.

People like Carol should never die – they’re the glue that holds all together – the lubricant making things run smooth.

We joked & laughed on Christmas day. And briefly again the next day.

A day & a half later…

Boom! I get a call from her son & he starts out with “Carol had a heart attack yesterday” I tried to ask how she was – when he says “she died early this morning…”

Died??? Gone?? Heart attack? Gone in less than 18 hours? Like that? Heart? Carol? O Gawwwd… No. No. Noooo…

My first friend and now my last friend.

Can’t even imagine what her immediate family are going through – I’d like to ask – & ask a few questions.

But the only number I had for her and called again, was disconnected less than 10 days later.

No one has contacted. Disheartening is putting it mildly.

But I take a page out of her playbook & think grand memories of how we grew up & made mistakes and survived it all.

How she stuck by me, kept track of me, was my glue, then gradually, we became each other’s glue.

Insufficient words…

A ‘why’ never to be answered – though I know… I DO know.

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