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Of Us in the Wilds…

There are more than a few of us out here who believe & know the ‘old’ ways work when applied.

All these new doll/icons are reprehensible in indoctrinating the young, maliable minds from 2 years onward…


Kid’s don’t ‘want’ anything that a parent doesn’t condone and/or push.

Think about that.

‘Toys’ etc…All of it. And now is about the time I should say – ‘when I was a kid…’ … And it’s true – I personally had little to none of it – you don’t miss what you don’t have.

And I had plenty.

Cardboard boxes dad would sometimes bring home: some kitchen utensils & empty thread spools – compliments of ‘mom’. Matchbox toys! Horses always a fav. Dad’s tools – loved the aroma when I opened the chest lid. Lincoln logs, pick up stix, tiddly winks…Cards & the occasional puzzle.

Most of these ‘toys’ seemed geared toward honing thought processes – which it doesn’t seem to apply nearly as much now, in 2017.


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