One thought on “In the house of joy

  1. Beautiful article.

    Actually makes one slow down & peer out one’s own windows.

    The ranch land here is populated by old growth junipers & pinion pine, but many years ago I planted several Aspen’s – they were only eighteen inches or so & not very well rooted.

    Two years ago the lone survivor shot up from 6′ to over 9′ tall – with an expanding caliper.

    Last year – 2016 – it gained more height & canopy spread – lookie here! It’s begun to spread by it’s root structures now.

    I’ve retained the growing ‘group’ I want & remove others in areas not so good. Rabbits got to the two I kept before ‘caging’ – but they still made a valiant effort at gaining substance before winter set in & they all slept – parent tree too.

    This spring I watched them awaken. The youngsters were first to leaf out then about a week later the parent did same.

    The newbies have already gained a few inches & there is one additional poking up through the ground at over 8″. Haven’t decided if this will stay or not.

    Jon’s so right about just stopping to look at this springtime growth ritual of being. And sometimes being more selfaware is the ticket to appreciation of other life around one.


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