Of Us in the Wilds…

There are more than a few of us out here who believe & know the ‘old’ ways work when applied.

All these new doll/icons are reprehensible in indoctrinating the young, maliable minds from 2 years onward… 


Kid’s don’t ‘want’ anything that a parent doesn’t condone.

Think about that.

‘Toys’ etc…

Ann Coulter UC Berkeley clash reveals massive covert op

More truths & nuggets for the left to fear and hate. Thanx Jon.

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Ann Coulter UC Berkeley clash reveals massive covert op

by Jon Rappoport

April 25, 2017

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter’s scheduled speech at the U of California Berkeley is off, it’s on, it’s been delayed, the student groups sponsoring her appearance are suing the University, she’ll speak indoors, she’ll speak outdoors, and on it goes.

University officials have said they can’t guarantee Coulter’s security, unless, apparently, she gives her speech during the week in the afternoon while most students are studying for their final exams. Why don’t they schedule her talk somewhere in Alaska at three in the morning? That’ll work, and free speech will emerge victorious.

Aside from paid agitators brought in from the outside by George Soros money, the student body at the University is opposed to Coulter speaking, or they’re too passive to care, or they’re too cowed to step up and demand she has the right to…

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