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The Blog of Katya – DOB 11.27.17 … (Or therebouts)

I asked my new mom to help me start this diary blog – she agreed so I’ll begin at the beginning as best I know how.

It’s the 16th of March – I’m told – the for the humans out there who so often fixate on dates, times, days, weeks, months & years.

……….. So –

This is how I began my life. I am now a human’s precious gurldawg!

Spoiler alert! This earlier story of my beginnings is not only heart wrenching, it could make you ill to your tummy.

Here ’tis:

From Pet Allies, ShowLow, AZ.

Kathy was brought into us as a 6 week old puppy who had been kept in a crate in a creek according to her rescuer.

She was from Ft. Apache. She had a terrible upper respiratory infection. We treated her with penicillin among other medication.

She was quarantined, as she was contagious, and we didn’t know if it would become pneumonia or distemper. It stayed an infection, for a long time, a month. But she did get well, and is now the puppy you see!

  • It took a lot of effort on the part of the shelter, to quarantine her for a month, as you saw, our shelter is very outdated and small.

So Kudos to staff, who kept her safe and got her well.



I will always be grateful for all the people and the doctor who did not give up on me – as I knew I was close to death – even at that age.

They, and something else I could feel – hear -inside kept saying ‘you have to fight’ – ‘you have to get well’ – ‘you have a special life ahead of you’…

I was so very tired. As the days passed, as I began to feel tiny bits better, giving in and up, seemed less an option & my will to survive took it’s place.

The humans I found myself with, gradually came into focus, as good.

I had yet to learn so many other adjectives & nouns which mean so much to gurldawgs, boydawgs and all other creatures who are blessed to have kind humans of their very own.

It took as long as it did – but I made it through the trial – though am sure the initial nightmare will return on occasion, but just in dreams.

When I was fully recovered and more grown, an adoption picture was posted on the rescue website. It was a great pic but I do admit, I didn’t know what it was for, or why. I was very serious looking.

Then a kind of miracle happened – someone in New Mexico saw me.

And wanted to adopt me! Still wasn’t sure what all that meant tho.

They began telling me – I was to have a new forever mom and home! Didn’t understand that too much either. But I was safe and healthy again where I was, so didn’t bother much with it all.

Then just a few days later, I was brought out to the office to meet this new person.

Boy! She seemed really neat! Smelled good and caring and kind! I really liked her – then they took me back into the kennel and put a harness on – taking my collar off.

I was just happy to be out of the cage!

Then we were back in the office again…And the lady was still there! Calling my name! It was delicious!

Still didn’t know what was up though.

One of my friends from the rescue then led me outside… Outside! O boy!

And over to a large vehicle – truck – pretty sure – lifted me up and put me inside… The new lady got in – she was talking to me quiet like and stroking me all over.

Have to admit – I was scared. This was too new & different – again.

But we sat there for a bit while she spoke & it reassured and calmed me down. Didn’t know what else to do so I settled down on the lady’s lap, and then I could hear and feel the truck start & then begin to move.

I fell asleep – so don’t recall much of the trip to where I am now. It was a very long trip and I was exhausted like never before… And still confused.

The lady got me out of the truck by gently picking me up; holding me and turning me in different directions, so I could gaze in wonder, at where I now was. And the smells! Oh the smells!!!

At first, it was scary. But then I could sense safety and adventure in all I saw. It was kind of like the same whispered encouragements I heard, when I was so very ill, as a baby.

I recognized the tone – the whisper – I knew it! It was here! Where I was now!

She placed me on the ground. I looked up at her and she spoke again, encouragement to feel endless love and freedom to reciprocate. I couldn’t yet quite understand her words, but could sure feel their meaning. I had never had a home – whatever that was – but now it seems I did!


And a human! What a glorious feeling! What an expanding experience I could feel running through me! Shock and ecstacy!

She led me around a bit, not too much. Just enough for me to see a few surroundings, trees, rocks, dirt, fences and strange but great walk path to the first door.

After a short while we were inside the house. A house! Not a cage – a WHOLE HOUSE!

Oh my…

The new lady kept up short conversation directed to me. I watched and listened – still couldn’t understand much except the feeling of safety & fun (fun?) Coming from her.

I got strokes & hugs and she occasionally did something softly & quickly to my head – it felt wonderful – when she got that close – I would turn & kiss lick her on her face. She seemed to like that too.

It was kisses on my head, I later learned. And somehow – I know they’ll never stop. It was that whisper again.

I was fed a small meal of kibble I ate at the shelter & fantastic new foods. Was taken out for a longer explore and for ‘duty’. We walked, she talked and I kept looking up at her – right into her face and eyes as she returned the gaze into mine.çç

I had a human! A stranger lady human who I never met before who was now fast becoming to me – my forever mom, on my forever home of a ranch! In a house!

And this was only the first half a day.

That night – after one more trip outside, we came back in and I was very tired again. Expecting a cage or crate to be set up – there was NONE!

I didn’t know where a bed for me was!

But wait I see one now – in an alcove by my new mom’s bed! Looks comfy too!

O boy!

From Kat’s mom….. Much to catch up on….Kat’s blog – never to be finished.

Love you so much gurldawg…ur mom.

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