3/3/17… I Look Out My Windows; They Are Empty of life on the Outside… A Tribute to My Maxine… 1.6.09 – 3.3.17

How does one genuinely express the anguish and sorrow of losing either human or animal, so close, they are welded to heart & soul?

Can’t be done’ is my initial, empty response.

Maxine Machine – 1.6.2009 to 3.3.2017… had her paw & heart in EVERYTHING touched & built here.

Everything. All the seasons, all the ice harvesting, all the hot summers trying to keep cool, the deep winters trying to keep warm – and so much more...

Then – as though moving through fog & mist, we’re from back at the beginning to here – a harsh reality of the present – Miss M is gone – I’m left behind… On my own again.

My window views are empty & lifeless without you gurldawg. How do I deal with this? It scares me.

… More coming

I dreamt of her the other night
First since she died
She turned when I called
But didn’t recognize
Was caring for others of many shapes & size
What a glowing beauty
I’ve tears in my eyes


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