Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and the war against the 1st Amendment

Another horrifying truth by Jon Rappoport. 

 I used to debate with my husband about a lot of things Jon expresses… Since the 80’s at least.

He was a staunch Republican & back then he couldn’t see a lot of what has now come to fruition. We were divorced but kept in close contact.

In the nineties another debate about global and local issues ensued, and this time I pressed too hard, hit a nerve & he refused contact for over a year. Haaaaaa… 

 Back, beginning 2000 – the ‘changes’ I had pressed about were becoming undeniably visual to him; the debates turned to earnest discussions of looming other possibilities and probabilities…

He was a great guy, neither of us perfect – but remained close from 1965 onward- both of us suffered the Vietnam war – Bob died in July 2012 of pancreatic cancer ala agent Orange.

One always misses a person like this – it never goes away.

So once again Jon – thanks for the numerous, ongoing updates.  Very important.


Jon Rappoport's Blog

Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and the war against the 1st Amendment

Top 12 reasons for eliminating free speech

By Jon Rappoport

“Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.” (Blazing Saddles, 1974)

Free speech? We don’t need no stinking free speech.

In the wake of the economic and political censorship imposed on infowars and Natural News (Google’s delisting of Natural News has now been lifted), it’s become apparent that free speech is passe. Why did we ever need it? Let’s get rid of that illusion.

Let’s embrace, instead, the consensus of virtue-signaling heroes.

If something is offensive, rub it out.

In Alex Jones’ case, a large company that places ads, adroll, decided to drop Jones’ site, infowars, as a client. The decision still stands. The loss of revenue for infowars is estimated at $3 million.

Here are the top 12 reasons for eliminating free speech.

ONE: “I’m triggered by what you…

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