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Donald Trump: THE SPEECH [Annotated Edition] Free Online

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[Annotated Edition]
Can Donald Trump Triumph Over the Deep State?
Robert David STEELE Vivas
The President and his closest personal staff have confused Divine Providence – the hand of God in over-turning a rigged system – with a mandate to govern. They are confusing Republican Party control of the Senate and the House of Representatives with a mandate to govern.
Although the President was legitimately elected – on this point there is no doubt despite the continuing attempts of the Deep State to call into question that legitimacy and drive the President from office – it was only by 27% of the eligible voters. 26% of the eligible voters are deeply against this President, and many of them are falling prey to treason – to sedition – to calls for “blood in the streets. 47% of the eligible voters did not vote at all.
Below is the current political landscape in the USA.
The Deep State, consisting of Wall Street as managed by the Rothschilds and influenced by the Vatican as well as the leaders of Israel and Saudi Arabia, fronted for by the two-party tyranny that seeks to destroy our President, and aided by the secret intelligence services spying on all politicians, judges, and others of import so as to blackmail them into betraying their Oaths of office under the US Constitution, seeks nothing less than the impeachment or resignation of President Donald Trump. This would leave Mike Pence, the Vice President and former Governor whom many consider all too comfortable with the concept of perpetuating the Deep State – in charge of the Executive.
What follows is a speech drafted originally for the exclusive viewing by the President and his most trusted advisor Steve Bannon. It is being released to the public because the President is continuing to delay confronting the harsh reality that only a larger public movement can defeat the Deep State.  The Republican Party is part of the Deep State.
If, as the author anticipates, WikiLeaks turns its attention next to the Republican Party and its leaders – a number of whom are pedophiles, closet gays, and/or agents of a foreign power and whose perversions and treason have been covered up by Reince Preibus, among others in his prior capacity as Chairman of the Republican National Committee – then the President will be left with both a Senate and House in disarray, to include potential resignations and suicides that could end the Republican majority in the Senate and lead to special appointments and elections  that end the Republican majority in the House.
A Democratic Party majority in either chamber of Congress will be the death of our legitimately elected President. We believe he has no alternative, if he wishes to both survive and become the greatest President in modern American history – as great as John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan combined – but to deliver this speech and put the full force of his presidency behind the values represented by this speech. We make America Great Again by restoring integrity to our electoral process and our government. This demands an Electoral Reform Act; an end to the two-party tyranny, an end to the National Security Agency along with draconian reformation of the rest of the US secret intelligence community; and the cleansing of the White House staff.
This version of the speech is annotated and illustrated (in the endnotes) to assist citizens loyal to our President and loyal to our Constitution, in understanding that without this speech, Donald Trump is likely to be politically castrated, assassinated, or driven from office within the year.
Highlights of the speech include:
    Electoral Reform Act to re-enfranchise the 70% of the public now shut out.

    Termination of the National Security Agency – as big a deal as Harry Truman firing Douglas MacArthur

    Suspension of the Central Intelligence Agency pending a counterintelligence surge

    Appointment of a new Chief of Staff – David Stockman

    Abolishment of the National Security Council

    Creation of the Trump Channel, Open Source Agency, Office of National Strategy

    Creation of a National Conversation – Joan Blades to be the moderator

    Closing of the International Revenue Service, ending of all taxes especially income taxes, in favor of Automated Payment Transaction Tax (shifts tax burden to Wall Street)

    Debt Be Gone website, renegotiating 1-3 trillion in citizen debt, with Debt Jubilee and a President Pardon for every debtor as the nuclear option.


    The system is rigged![1] The Deep State is threatening all that we hold dear! You and I, together, are going to unrig the system and bury the Deep State.[2]

    I will confess that I and my senior advisors have been slow to understand that I was elected accidentally[3] – the rigged system collapsed in the face of the common sense of the participating voters at the last minute. I have also been slow to recognize that while I am a fringe president just as Barack Obama was – 26% of the eligible voters voted him into office, 27% voted me into office – there is a huge difference between us: he was the preferred candidate for the Deep State, while I am the enemy of the Deep State – and they know it.

    Tonight I am announcing one major national initiative, three major national intelligence and counterintelligence decisions, and several supporting presidential initiatives. My intent is to unify America – to engage with and empower every eligible voter, 47% of whom did not vote at all in 2016 – and to restore integrity to our government by displacing the two-party tyranny and making it possible for all voters to elect an honest Congress that is not subordinate to the Deep State through bribery and blackmail. This will make possible evidence-based governance in the public interest, instead of corrupt earmarks tailored for the special interests.

    I am submitting tomorrow to Congress the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 – the Unity Act.[4] This act corrects the twelve different ways in which our electoral process has been rigged by the two-party tyranny.[5] It will create a level playing field for all of the small parties – both those that are accredited such as the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties, and those that are emergent, such as the Working Families party.[6] It will enable Independents to be elected and it will end the control of the two-party tyranny over federal election ballots, creating free and equal access to being on the ballot, free and equal access to public funds for campaigns, and free and equal access to all forms of media. It will implement paper ballots counted publicly on site, and exit polls, to end the electronic ballot fraud that is prevalent across America – and that Hillary Clinton used to steal 13 primaries from Bernie Sanders, as documented by the white paper from Stanford University.[7]

    It is my intent to barnstorm the country and discuss this Act with all citizens who wish to take back the power from the two-party tyranny. All parties, in my view, are toxic. They demand a winner-take-all Cabinet; they demand that the President embrace party platforms that are bought and paid for by multiple billionaires; and they demand that secret promises made to high dollar donors to the parties be honored by the President.  All that ends now.

    To help me – and to help all of you – force our Congress to restore integrity to our electoral system and thus to our government – I am hosting an Electoral Reform Summit[8] that will be simultaneously offered in major cities across the country, culminating in delegations from each regional summit coming to Washington DC for a final open conversation that will be recorded and broadcast by the new Trump Channel. I have asked the leaders of each existing small party to host their own Electoral Reform Summits in advance of the open summits, and I have also asked Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader, and Ross Perot to study the twelve proposed fixes and advise me as to their sufficiency.

    It is not up to the Republican majority to force this measure through and I frankly question whether Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Reince Preibus – whom I am dismissing as Chief of Staff today – are at all interested in unrigging the system. Nor is the Democratic minority led by arch-Zionist Chuck Schumer – a man who appears very afraid of what the secret intelligence community has on him[9] – at all interested in unrigging the system. For the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 – the Unity Act – to pass, each Congressional constituency is going to have to rise up and demand from their individual Senators and Representatives a vote in favor of this act. I will demand a roll call vote and if this Act does not pass by the end of April, I will devote the balance of my term to helping defeat every person voting against the Act in 2018 and beyond.

    We the People cannot govern ourselves without the Electoral Reform Act – the Unity Act. I have realized that the single fastest way to heal America is to put the American public back into the American government. I cannot do this by myself. We the People must take the power back, and the Unity Act is how we do that.

    On the intelligence and counterintelligence front, I have signed three executive orders today. The first terminates the National Security Agency, which has no legislative charter.[10] The era of NSA spying on and blackmailing our politicians and doing mass surveillance on our public is over. I have appointed William Binney as the interim transition director responsible for liquidating most of the NSA, while migrating roughly 30% of NSA into a new Directorate of Signals Intelligence at the restored Central Intelligence Agency.

    The second executive order suspends all CIA operations and orders all CIA employees home on paid leave for 30 days. CIA employees overseas will continue with the cover assignments but not meet with any clandestine assets nor will they meet with foreign intelligence services. With the complete cooperation of a handful of loyal NSA employees who have access to every phone call and email made by CIA employees in the past year, the FBI is going to do a very rapid investigation – one that will include a thorough interrogation of former CIA Director John Brennan – and we are going to get to the bottom of the rogue elements of the CIA that have been so disruptive to our attempts – even within a rigged system – to hold a presidential election and begin a new administration.[11]

    The third executive order mandates the redirection of the NSA transition staff toward full support of the FBI against sedition. All emails and all telephone calls associated with those who are organizing a violent “American Spring” will be processed, a diagram of evidentiary links established, and indictments pursued against George Soros, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and any others including those on the right such as the Koch Brothers, should the evidence call for indictments. I will no longer tolerate – nor should you – the malicious destabilization of our country for selfish ends.

    A number of supporting decisions will be implemented in March and April. I will just list them, as they develop more information will be provided through the Trump Channel directly to the public.

    First and foremost, I am firing everyone except Steve Bannon and two personal aides, and abolishing the National Security Council. Jared Kushner will remain a trusted advisor and take over the Office of Presidential Personnel, firing the individual put in there by Reince Preibus to plant Deep State Establishment moles across the government.[12] We will fill all political positions by the 4th of July and every person appointed will go through a Presidential Academy to ensure they are all able to understand and implement our policies that will Make America Great Again. David Stockman will be the new Chief of Staff, and in place of the National Security Council I am creating an Office of National Strategy that will work very closely with the new Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget[13] to ensure that we are addressing all threats, not just military threats, and that we are harmonizing all policies, not just national security policies, to achieve peace and prosperity for all – all in the context of a balanced budget with no borrowing, which means a 50% cut in the size of the federal government by year four. A Grand Strategy Summit will be organized in April, and I will present Congress – and the public – with a proposed Grand Strategy before the Congressional recess for the summer. Every political appointee will understand and support this Grand Strategy, or be dismissed.

    The press is being thrown out of the White House and will not be admitted to the Old or New Executive Office Buildings. The area that has been wasted on the press – these people are not journalists, they are sock-puppets for the Deep State and what they have been doing for the last year and a half is incompetence at best, sedition at worst. Enough! The space will be converted into a Trump Channel and Studio that also houses the nucleus of an Open Source Intelligence Agency that can meet the needs of all Cabinet Departments through commercial out-sourcing, and the Office of National Strategy.[14] We are going to start doing holistic evidence-based governance and both the facts and the policies as well as the budgets will be fully transparent to the public.

    The Trump Channel is going to be both fun and educational. I will no longer use Twitter, which along with Facebook and Google and Google surrogates has been repressing pro-Trump conversations and elevating anti-Trump conversations including those that are actively seditious. We are going to create a new nation-wide service that will allow me to communicate directly with every citizen who wishes to opt-in to what we are going to call TRUMP-ETS. I will use these to ask America what it thinks. I will use PollMole[15] to digest what I hope will 150 million answers that can be sorted by Congressional District. Beginning in April I will start doing short fire-side video chats that will be freely available to all citizens, and I will demand that each of our Cabinet officials organize their own short fire-side chats on every issue, every policy, every budget line item.

    The press will no longer be allowed direct access to me or to government officials, for at least 90 days. They will be required to submit questions for the record. Instead of a press secretary floundering around for lack of knowledge, those questions will be answered by the best-qualified government executive whether political or professional, and returned first to the originator of the question, and then posted to the Trump Channel. Among the first tasks of the Open Source Agency[16] will be the evaluation of all media articles and broadcasts for veracity. The fake news “mainstream” media[17] is either going to start telling the truth, or they will lose their public charters. The press will have to earn its access by demonstrating its ability to do serious investigative journalism in the public interest.

    We will unrig the White House petition web site that only counts one out of every three or four votes.[18] I am asking Joan Blades, founder of MoveOn and more recently of Living Room Conversations,[19] to establish a new more open process for engaging the public in a conversation, not just polling them. I imagine that public consensus will lead to some major policy decision in the near term, such as the legalization of marijuana and hemp, and the establishment of a public standard price list for all medical procedures and prescriptions. This is your government – let’s take it for a drive together.

    Separately from the official website that I am asking Joan to manage, I have directed Brad Parscale to create a Debt Be Gone website in which each citizen who owes money – student debt, medical debt, family credit card debt, small business debt – may opt in and appoint me as an individual, not just as a their president – for the purpose of renegotiating that debt with the banks. I estimate that we can aggregate no less than one trillion dollars in debt renegotiation authority, and as much as three trillion.[20] If the banks will not collaborate in cutting that debt by at least half, it is my intent to declare a national debt jubilee, and grant each individual debtor a presidential pardon that makes legal action by the banks an impossibility.

    I am throwing out the tax reform package. I now realize that it does not change the dynamic in which Main Street and individual earners carry the full weight of the government on their banks. I have consulted with Dr. Edgar Feige of Wisconsin, inventor of the Automated Payment Transaction Tax,[21] and after consultations with the Governors, it is my intent to implement this, end the income tax, end all other forms of taxation, and close down the Internal Revenue Service. The genius of the transaction tax is that is applies to all transactions, notably Wall Street currency and stock transactions – it shifts the burden from Main Street to Wall Street. The tax rate is set by the public. This means that we cannot go to war in the future without the public voting for an increase in the transaction tax – we will never again borrow money from banks.

    I am also throwing out the health care reform package because it is inherently dishonest. The two-party tyranny is avoiding the core reality, which is that the medical and pharmaceutical industry have a racket going in which they manipulate prices across all boundaries – there is actually no “price list” for any given medical procedure or any given prescription.[22] Not only are medical prices out of control, but our hospitals and our so-called medicines are killing more people than they should, at the same time that they are bankrupting the elderly. Enough already. Every citizens will be covered for all health challenges – but first we need to do a racketeering investigation of the health industry and establish a basic price list. I have decided to work with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to establish a comprehensive price list – he has one of the top medical tourism industries in the world – and we are then going to determine why our health industry is dysfunctional if not completely criminal.

    That’s it. I regret that Reince Preibus saw fit to keep many of these ideas from me when he first received what is now known as the Spy’s Christmas Message for Trump[23] and in its more recent incarnation, Memorandum for the President or Memo4Trump.[24] Reading those two documents will help any of you who wish understand how I have finally arrived at what I believe is a win-win for all of us. The author’s motto is “the truth at any cost lowers all others costs.” We all need to embrace that motto.

    I beg of you all – demand the Electoral Reform Act – the Unity Act. Join me in burying the Deep State and restoring integrity to our government. I have my flaws, but I believe that we have a common enemy. As the saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I offer my hand in friendship to all of you, and I promise that henceforth there will be no presidential wars, no unconstitutional spying on US politicians or citizens, no laws bought and paid for by special interests or foreign powers. Join me in Making America Great Again by putting the American people back into the American government. With unity will come integrity – I cannot do this without you. I pray that Almighty God gives us the light and the courage this day. God Bless America!

Cover Credit: Original as it appeared at and then cropped and annotated with TRUMP by an unidentified Pinterest user.
[4] A complete discussion of the twelve ways in which the system is rigged; of the token reform efforts of hundreds of organizations that are complicit with the Deep State while pretending to advocate reform, and of the twelve specific ways we can restore integrity to our electoral system and thence to our government, is provided by Robert David Steele, RIGGED – Twelve Ways the Two-Party Tyranny Rigs the US Electoral System to Block Out Independents, Small Parties, and 70% of the Eligible Voters, Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 22 October 2016. Free online, it is also available as a Kindle Short.

[11] David Price, “Rogue Elephant Rising: The CIA as Kingslayer,” CounterPunch, 17 February 2017; Alex Newman, “WikiLeaks: CIA May be Hacking Cars to Murder People,” New American, 10 March 2017; Moses Apostaticus, “CIA Leaks: The Palace Eunuchs Have Exposed Themselves,” Daily Caller, 8 March 2017. There are many unpublished accounts. It is helpful to stress that CIA as an institution is not the problem, but rather rogue elements within the CIA, up to and including selected Directors who prostitute their office for various reasons – George Tenet, who supported the Gold War against Russia and the telling of 935 lies that led to the $5 trillion dollar series of elective wars from Afghanistan to Iraq and beyond, is one example. John Brennan, who led the telling of many lies, initially anonymously and then directly, is another. Cf. Robert David Steele, “Search: Seven CIAs [Steele on the Record], Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 24 November 2012; Fred Burks, “Black Eagle Trust Fund: The 9/11 Attacks and the Black Eagle Trust Fund,” WanttoKnow,  3 June 2011; Charles Lewis, 935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity (PublicAffairs, 2014).
[12] This is a reference to John DeStefano, also known as “Boehner’s revenge.” One perspective is offered by Martin Armstrong, “Trump Being Corralled in By Establishment in DC,” ArmstrongEconomics, 19 January 2017.
[13] The Deep State relies heavily on skewing the narrative away from the needs of the public and toward a false narrative centered on constant war. An honest evidence-based government would operate on the basis of absolute respect for the Constitution, an electoral system without corruption, and a grand strategy that considers and address all threats and all policies and all budgets as a whole. Below is one approach that could be helpful to our President, should he ever put down the Deep State elements trying to drive him from office.
Click on Image to Enlarge
The above is based on the ten high-level threats to humanity identified by LtGen Dr. Brent Scowcroft, USAF (Ret), and the other members of the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change, as reported out in A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsibility (United Nations, 2004), and the twelve core policies as found across multiple presidential transition team “mandates for change” volumes by Earth Intelligence Network, the educational non-profit founded by the author. The Deep State treats war as a profit center for the banks and terrorism as the false flag narrative to keep the public cowed – the Deep State refused to be serious about everything else, which happens to be everything that actually matters to the Main Street public. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has never actually managed anything – they do budget share allocation. Under a President with a Grand Strategy, the Deputy Director for Management of OMB could become a key player in both balancing the budget and redirecting the attention of the President and the public toward the public interest.
[14] The initial proposal can be found at Robert David Steele, “Throw Press Out of White House — Create the Presidential Grand Strategy, Public Communications, & Open Source Intelligence Center (Trump Channel) UPDATE 1: Schumer Channel Created!,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 20 December 2016.
[15] PollMole advertises itself as the next generation in interactivity, connectivity, and accuracy in polling and market research technology. The author is an advisor to them and is bringing together a number of other elements to support their becoming a complete public service alternative – a two-way channel – between any elected or appointed official and any number of varied stakeholders.
[16] The CIA has fought the idea of an Open Source Agency for thirty years. Although it has been twice-approved by OMB at a starting budget of $125 million a year growing to $2 billion a year, CIA – and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) – are fully aware that such an agency would not only destroy the ability of the Deep State to lie to the president, Congress, and the public with impunity, but also lead to a cut in their total secret budget of two thirds or more. Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter all refused to consider this agency when it was proposed to them in October 2015. The letter was subsequently posted online, “Open Source (Technologies) Agency,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 17 October 2015. A new draft has been prepared for President Donald Trump and can be found online at
D3C Presidential Innovation Memorandum 3.3. In its expanded concept, the agency not only provided the President and the Cabinet with roughly 95% of all intelligence (decision-support) they need to Make America Great Again, but it also stop all wars and all displaced persons from those wars, by providing a very low cost means of achieving the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) so that the five billion poorest achieve peace and prosperity. Central to the achievement of peace and prosperity for all is the closure of all US bases overseas, the return of the US military to our homeland, an end to all CIA regime change operations and drone assassinations, and an end to US taxpayer subsidies for all but two of the foreign dictators whom we help impoverish their own populations. If properly implemented, such an agency could win the Nobel Peace Prize for President Donald Trump, who is the only person capable of overcoming the CIA’s objections to the agency. Other publications related to how this agency could be worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize if implemented by President Donald Trump can be seen here:
    For UN SecGen – Achieving SDG with OSEE

    Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) – A Nordic Manifesto

    Open Source Intelligence Done Right – Lecture to the Royal Danish Defence College

    The Ultimate Hack: Resilient Villages, Smart Cities, Prosperous Nations at Peace — and Unlimited Clean Water

The key is not the ideas, but the implementation. President Trump – perhaps allied with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India – and even [this will drive the Deep State mad] President Xi Jinping of China and President Joko Widodo of Indonesia – could not only Make America Great Again (open source technologies will help Texas and all other states) but stabilize the world so that peace, not war, is the core policy of the USA. Ron Paul’s collected speeches,
[17] Cf. Sartre, “Mainstream Media: All the Fake News That’s  Fit to Print,” Global Research from 21st Century Wire, 12 February 2017;  “Fake News Week: A Guide to Mainstream Media ‘Fake News’ War Propaganda,” 21st Century Wire, 14 February 2017; “Mainstream media reporting fake news,” HJNews, 4 March 2017; Thomas Lifson, “Mainstream Media supplements fake news with fake outrage over firing of US Attorney Preet Bharara,” American Thinker, 12 March 2017.
[18] A graphic showing actual “disappearing votes” is online at “White House Petition for Unity Act Against the Deep State, Meeting with Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, & Robert Steele,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 24 February 2017.
[19] Joan is a serial innovator.  She has left, which has been hijacked by George Soros and other seditionist elements. From Mom’s Rising, a very important demographic, she has most recently created Living Room Conversations which could be precisely what we as a nation need right now: a restoration of dialog across all boundaries.
[20] This idea was brought to the author by a citizen who prefers to remain anonymous. It was first presented to the public at “Debt Renunciation as a Presidential Campaign Trump Card,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 7 September 2016. Subsequent exploration revealed a total of three trillion dollars is owed by individuals to banks, not counting mortgages – only student debt, family credit card debt, and medical debt.
[21] The original online presentation is “The APT Tax: The Automated Payment Transaction Tax,” undated. Dr. Edgar Feige’s biography is offered there. The proposal was central to Robert Steele’s brief presidential bid in 2012, and remains online as Tax Revolution – Replace All Taxes On Few with One Tiny Tax on All Transactions Including Stock and Currency Trades, BigBatUSA, undated. The core graphic is below and should make two points crystal clear: first, that the individual citizen is carrying the entire government on their banks; and second, that Wall Street has managed to avoid all taxes despite the fact that it leverages the entire US government budget, including the cost of elective wars for cheap oil, in a most unconsciounable manner.
Click on Image to Enlarge
[22] There are a growing number of articles about this basic injustice that makes possible many forms of virtual crime across the so-called health industry.  Here are a selection from a single search engine.
[23] Robert David Steele, “Former CIA Spy Has a Surprising Message for Trump,” The Mind Unleashed, 23 December 2016, reprinted (slightly abridged) as “Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message for Trump,” ZeroHedge, 24 December 2016. This was delivered beforehand (in the middle of the month) to both Reince Preibus and Sean Spicer via Certified Mail to the Republican National Committee (RNC).  They clearly decided not to deliver the ten pages to the President-Elect.  Had they done so, the Inauguration Speech would have united the country and crushed the Deep State from day one.
[24] Robert David Steele, “Memorandum for the President – Warning on a Violent American Spring, Eight Actions for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again UPDATE 8 – White House Petition Numbers Being Rigged Down?,”
BOOK NINE: Steele, Robert. THE SPEECH [Annotated Edition}: Can Donald Trump Triumph Over the Deep State? Amazon Kindle, March 13, 2017.
BOOK EIGHT Steele, Robert.  World War III has started – the public against the Deep State — everywhere: Can Donald Trump Defeat the Deep State and Lead a Global Revolution? Amazon Kindle, February 12, 2017, 99 cents.
BOOK SEVEN Steele, Robert. EMERGENCY: Memorandum for the President & A Spy’s Christmas Message for Donald Trump, Amazon Kindle, February 17, 2017, 99 cents.
BOOK SIX Steele, Robert. The Soft Coup Collapses – Blackmail Revealed – What Next?: CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence – Russians did not “hack” the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA?, Amazon Kindle, January 7, 2017, 99 cents.
BOOK FIVE Steele, Robert. Donald Trump, The Accidental President, Under Siege!, Amazon Kindle,  November 11, 2016, 17 pages, $2.99.
BOOK FOUR Steele, Robert. RIGGED: Twelve Ways the Two-Party Tyranny Rigs the US Electoral System to Block Out Independents, Small Parties, and 70% of the Eligible Voters, Amazon Kindle, October 23, 2016, 31 pages, $0.99.
BOOK THREE Steele, Robert.  DEPLORABLES RISING! Trump Can Win With a Debt Jubilee and Electoral Reform, Amazon Kindle, October 11, 2016, 9 pages, $0.99.
BOOK TWO Steele, Robert. Democracy Riots! We are all black now – deal with it!, Amazon Kindle, March 22, 2016, 24 pages, 99 cents.
BOOK ONE Steele, Robert. REVOLUTION!: How Donald Trump Can Win and Govern by Championing Electoral Reform, a Coalition Cabinet, a Balanced Budget, and a Constitutional Convention in 2018, Amazon Kindle, March 16, 2016, 111 pages, 99 cents.

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CounterPunch: US Two-Party Tyranny is Dead2017/03/21In “Corruption”

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The Blog of Katya – DOB 11.27.16 … On going

I asked my new mom to help me start this diary blog – she agreed so I’ll begin at the beginning as best I know how.

It’s the 16th of March – I’m told – the for the humans out there who so often fixate on dates, times, days, weeks, months & years.

……….. So –

This is how I began my life. I am now a human’s precious gurldawg!

Spoiler alert! This earlier story of my beginnings is not only heart wrenching, it could make you ill to your tummy.

Here ’tis:

From Pet Allies, ShowLow, AZ.

Kathy was brought into us as a 6 week old puppy who had been kept in a crate in a creek according to her rescuer.

She was from Ft. Apache. She had a terrible upper respiratory infection. We treated her with penicillin among other medication.

She was quarantined, as she was contagious, and we didn’t know if it would become pneumonia or distemper. It stayed an infection, for a long time, a month. But she did get well, and is now the puppy you see!

  • It took a lot of effort on the part of the shelter, to quarantine her for a month, as you saw, our shelter is very outdated and small.

So Kudos to staff, who kept her safe and got her well.



I will always be grateful for all the people and the doctor who did not give up on me – as I knew I was close to death – even at that age.

They, and something else I could feel – hear -inside kept saying ‘you have to fight’ – ‘you have to get well’ – ‘you have a special life ahead of you’…

I was so very tired. As the days passed, as I began to feel tiny bits better, giving in and up, seemed less an option & my will to survive took it’s place.

The humans I found myself with, gradually came into focus, as good.

I had yet to learn so many other adjectives & nouns which mean so much to gurldawgs, boydawgs and all other creatures who are blessed to have kind humans of their very own.

It took as long as it did – but I made it through the trial – though am sure the initial nightmare will return on occasion, but just in dreams.

When I was fully recovered and more grown, an adoption picture was posted on the rescue website. It was a great pic but I do admit, I didn’t know what it was for, or why. I was very serious looking.

Then a kind of miracle happened – someone in New Mexico saw me.

And wanted to adopt me! Still wasn’t sure what all that meant tho.

They began telling me – I was to have a new forever mom and home! Didn’t understand that too much either. But I was safe and healthy again where I was, so didn’t bother much with it all.

Then just a few days later, I was brought out to the office to meet this new person.

Boy! She seemed really neat! Smelled good and caring and kind! I really liked her – then they took me back into the kennel and put a harness on – taking my collar off.

I was just happy to be out of the cage!

Then we were back in the office again…And the lady was still there! Calling my name! It was delicious!

Still didn’t know what was up though.

One of my friends from the rescue then led me outside… Outside! O boy!

And over to a large vehicle – truck – pretty sure – lifted me up and put me inside… The new lady got in – she was talking to me quiet like and stoking me all over.

Have to admit – I was scared. This was too new & different – again.

But we sat there for a bit while she spoke & it reassured and calmed me down. Didn’t know what else to do so I settled down on the lady’s lap, and then I could hear and feel the truck start & then begin to move.

I fell asleep – so don’t recall much of the trip to where I am now. It was a very long trip and I was exhausted like never before… And still confused.

The lady got me out of the truck by gently picking me up; holding me and turning me in different directions, so I could gaze in wonder, at where I now was. And the smells! Oh the smells!!!

At first, it was scary. But then I could sense safety and adventure in all I saw. It was kind of like the same whispered encouragements I heard, when I was so very ill, as a baby.

I recognized the tone – the whisper – I knew it! It was here! Where I was now!

She placed me on the ground. I looked up at her and she spoke again, encouragement to feel endless love and freedom to reciprocate. I couldn’t yet quite understand her words, but could sure feel their meaning. I had never had a home – whatever that was – but now it seems I did!


And a human! What a glorious feeling! What an expanding experience I could feel running through me! Shock and ecstacy!

She led me around a bit, not too much. Just enough for me to see a few surroundings, trees, rocks, dirt, fences and strange but great walk path to the first door.

After a short while we were inside the house. A house! Not a cage – a WHOLE HOUSE!

Oh my…

The new lady kept up short conversation directed to me. I watched and listened – still couldn’t understand much except the feeling of safety & fun (fun?) Coming from her.

I got strokes & hugs and she occasionally did something softly & quickly to my head – it felt wonderful – when she got that close – I would turn & kiss lick her on her face. She seemed to like that too.

It was kisses on my head, I later learned. And somehow – I know they’ll never stop. It was that whisper again.

I was fed a small meal of kibble I ate at the shelter & fantastic new foods. Was taken out for a longer explore and for ‘duty’. We walked, she talked and I kept looking up at her – right into her face and eyes as she returned the gaze into mine.

I had a human! A stranger lady human who I never met before who was now fast becoming to me – my forever mom, on my forever home of a ranch! In a house!

And this was only the first half a day.

That night – after one more trip outside, we came back in and I was very tired again. Expecting a cage or crate to be set up – there was NONE!

I didn’t know where a bed for me was!

But wait I see one now – in an alcove by my new mom’s bed! Looks comfy too!

O boy!

…… Much to catch up on….

Trump is challenging the whole CIA-media nexus

And again, if you haven’t got it by now and still not after reading Jon’s post – you won’t – until far too late…

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Trump is challenging the whole CIA-media nexus

By Jon Rappoport

Trump’s attack on the CIA came into focus after the CIA claimed Putin subverted the election on behalf of Trump.

The Trump team retorted: Ridiculous; reminds us of the CIA’s phony assessment of Saddam’s WMDs that led to the disastrous war against Iraq.

Then the CIA’s gloves came off.

But there is more to it than that.

All along, Trump has been hammering the mainstream press, calling them biased, idiots, fake, etc. Certainly through his advisor, Steve Bannon, and quite probably through other sources, Trump knows about the CIA-major media connection. This connection, of course, goes way back to the Mockingbird CIA operation of the early 1950s. Major news outlets have been infested with CIA operatives since that time.

When Trump goes after mainstream news, he’s also going after its shadow brother, the CIA; and vice versa. This is no…

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