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SPECIAL NOTICE: of being selected to represent “Voters in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District” … Etc.

Sent by Rona McDaniel.

This is a thinly disguised solicitation for money… Nothing more and absolutely nothing original, thoughtful or compelling about it.

McDaniel continues to follow the old track of attempting to incite panic into the recipients of these documents.

I was sincerely hoping for better – but it more than appears it’s biz as usual – from her point of view anyway.

She’s her father’s daughter at any rate.

The slobbering for funds letter & my notes are included here…

And believe me – I’m  a Trump supporter – no President in history has caused more fear, anger & angst in the Pizzagaters et al, within this renegade government.   

He’s rended naked so much crap.

I sincerely hope for the continued safety of all his family, him, his supporters, his team.


As a final note – I have never been a “registered voter” due to my Canadian citizenship.  

I do my best to follow the laws as writ.

So I fail to see how I could possibly be selected to represent any voter let alone a number of them.

This solicitation smacks of a scam light.

Entered USA – legally – with my new American husband in Jan 1966.  Two attempts in 80’s then 2004 – saw me cheated by the INS (San Francisco) then DHS (Pheonix, AZ) … “They needed “more paperwork” along with more funds – which I did not have either at the time – with less so now.

It’s always about the money.

J. Elliott

Be Truthful – Be Honest – Be Healthy

THIS is the gurl whose life I battle for…Update 10.28.17 – a battle I lost badly March 3 @ 0320 hrs.

I’ve begun a tribute to this special gurl but that’s all I’ve done.  Still hurts to revisit this & I still look for her outside, inside – everywhere.


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