For Climate Whiners and Those Who Know the Truth

​By Wrusssr on February 23, 2017 at 5:55 pm from comments section on

Man-made global warming? Surely you jest. Unless you want to count the boys playing tic-tac-toe daily in the stratosphere. Their main goal? Droughts, famines, food shortages. Technocracy and robots gonna replace humanity anyway. Been working on it for a couple of centuries, maneuvering. Now there’s you a man-made global warming you can sink your teeth into. Did you know these same elders have a stockpile of the world’s organic food seeds in a doomsday seed vault north of Stavanger, Norway, that’s dug into the side of a granite mountain with a ‘bomb-proof’ door? That’s what genetically modified food is all about that sterilizes mammals. (Look up Midwest hog farmers and GMO corn, the Serallini Study, etc) and why they sent Gates worldwide to vaccinate humanity with vaccines that are one in the same. They’ve gone all in since Gore invented the Internet that outed them.

Think the Georgia guide stones is a petroglyph? Chipped by weekend graffitiers? You have to understand, these folks behind the curtain have a ghoulish sense of humor. They also have no feeling for life or humanity, no heart, no soul. When America’s Revolution started their British Army towed starvation ships with them on which to stow colonists unsympathetic to “the crown.” Did you know more people died on those starvation ships than died in the land war? That war and the War of 1812 was about America’s resources. They used these same starvation tactics on Ireland and Scotland; hence the migration to America. Also, indentured many of them, started the African slave trade in America. I digress.


Did you know descendants of this same London-headquartered international banking cartel that funded the Bolsheviks is funding “climate change?” And attempting to criminalize “wrong thinking” about climate change?

These folk are use to having their way with their worldwide MSM propaganda outlets and mind blackout.

A note about The City

Did you know Paris had nothing to do with climate change? That it was about inking an obligatory predetermined carbon tax on all nations to shovel billions into the UN with which to build the bureaucratic foundation for a world socialist/Marxist government?

About that stuff they’re spraying worldwide. If you don’t know about it, go up on your roof on a clear day and just sit there and look up. What you’ll be looking at is a kind of a genetic nuking of the land and humanity with things like nanoed aluminum (nasty stuff), strontium, barium, dashes of other toxics for good measure. A City-funded London banker soup that kills plants and addles brains; the purpose being to lay fallow the land and create an artificial global drought, food dearth, global famine to rid the planet of “useless eaters” (as that beloved Nobel peace prize winner Henry Kissinger once referred to them) under the guise of “man-made global warming”—by far the cheapest way to eliminate worthless gobblers. Did you know this is the globalist’s stated goal? That they’ve made the decision that four-fifths of the world’s population isn’t needed? This without having to drop The Big Ones on everyone because, well, you know how, despite their best efforts, the truth behind such events just keeps leaking out to the public ever since Gore invented the Internet etc., etc.



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