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SCRIPTED!!! Biggest False Flag of History?

This entire ‘thing’ – election run up & run off & win/loss.

Like living in a film of total ad lib – with a script writer at the helm instead of the director – who has been ‘dissappeared’.

NEVER in the history of the ‘growing pains’ of this country have so many morons come out of the cracks or from under the rocks – as have since 10/2016 to present of 2/2017.

I sincerely in my soul hope the Native Americans are watching, keeping track, learning from all the unconsionable tactics and idiocy on display.

They may have to try and accept the few of us who will remain – under their benevolence.


Non- humans in almost full force out there now – degredations – sickos.

No true human would ever be a part of any of this; which brings me back to the scripting of the whole thing.  

More layers than a self respecting onion.   

A CGI onion who’s layers can keep peeling off into infinity.  It never ends & those millions of us who are ‘awake’ still have no power to take the helm and either stop this ship; or turn her toward sanity.

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