In a World Gone Wrong…

Still a bit of humor.

The county I live in requires a yearly payment to access solid waste facilities.

Earlier this month I engaged the person in charge at the county offices to secure a card. During the conversation – was asked if I’d like a second person named & with little thought – said sure! My gurldawg-ter!

And she took the name down!

10 days later – this arrives in the mail..

Priceless to maximum degree – for many reasons not included here.

My gurldawg-ter…

Maxine Machine Elliott. 02/2017 & horribly gone 03/03/2017…

It’s just over a year gurly gurl – & though u’ve some how sent a replacement – she’s not u…

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us Maxine… U should’ve been here for us to end together.

So sorry for my part in your leaving -& heartbroken always in HOW u left.

Thank u for inserting Kat into my pathetic life. Somehow…

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