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No More Ice!!!

January 2017. by JE

Actually – right now – plenty of it! And snow too…

Living here al rustico since 2008, has predicated massive changes for me. It’s been adapt or demise.

Since I’m a pretty independent person – the demise part wasn’t appealing, so I moved into the adapt part – of what very quickly became my new, as yet not fully explored life. And to date – it’s been pretty amazing.

One of my hugest events of just existing over the years – has been doing so on just an SSA income – hard won by over 46 years of steady work… Beginning on raw land… with no amenities whatsoever.

My thought – if everyone were compelled to live this way for even a few years – maybe there would be far less whining – but I dunno.

Seems there is no recovery for whiners.

But I digress…

Only had two years to ‘out’ from my super position at an engineering firm… Ah well…wish I could say this was unique, but it affected millions of us.

THIS – where I am now – was my last bastion; a small camping tent, my very good service dog, Max & I.

One of the many re-dos, re-thinks was how to keep food from spoiling – with ice in an ice chest of course. However I was on no camping trip now – I was here for whatever duration was left of my life above ground.

The ice in the cooler thing resolved – as there was a small town 28 mile round trip away; a gas station & auto repair; and a nice mercantile-grocery store.

Lucky – this community had all the necessities.

So for the next 8 years – this is where I got my ice in late spring thru fall. 10 to 15 bags a week.

Late fall, temps dropped – the snow came – I could harvest all the ice I needed. As my construction projects expanded – a few years ago I built an ‘ice shed’ off the recently finished garage… Stuffed it full with snow and boxes of ice that lasted me well into April in one year – but usually just end of February or beginning of March.

Then of course – the bag purchases began once more.

Sometimes it takes quite awhile to ‘save’ enough for a big ticket item. It took me well over 7 years to position myself to buy a propane operated fridge, which I did August 2016!

Small one – 3.4 cf… But one of the most enormous, positive events since 2008! It took me over three months to fully realize I no longer had to fret about ice; cooling; losing food…

Could purchase frozen food & keep it frozen for ages! Now THIS, was truly exciting!

Built a special alcove over a storage area for it. Still, today, January 2017, I glance at it and give it a thank you pat almost daily.

And also – today – I celebrate not having to go out before full sunup, to harvest ice.

I celebrate not having to purchase ice in the coming spring and summer.

I celebrate this in the wake of 8 plus years of doing so and am so very lucky and grateful for – No More Ice!

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