Early 2017

As has been said, many times recently, This IS Personal…

All, ALL of these misbegotten, illusion driven, so-called-protestors, are SO clueless.   SO damned clueless, it hurts to even ponder how they became this way.

But there they are – led in part by an obese buffoon – who actually had valid points – long long ago; a woman who never learned to smile past her weird two-sets-of-teeth grimace; and funnel tits Madonna…

All should be put to sleep for a decade or two…In nice large rooms- 30 or so to a room; playing good but unrecognizable sounds and music; while displaying movies on all walls of sceneries, uplifting events – as they drift through their years of peaceful sleep… (That  last   seems     so       familiar?)

THAT RIGHT THERE just created several thousands of jobs for the ‘health care’ industry!

Oops!  Lost the key.

 How, on this planet, have so many millions – WOMEN – MIND YOU – become so bloody disconnected???

There ought to be a law, which stipulates one must have performed actual income producing work for a minimum of five or ten years – in order to qualify oneself to participate in insurrection – err – protests.

These females have absolutely NO sense.  Reality, common, or otherwise… And it appears they never will – so what contribution could they possibly offer to any society at large?

There’s nothing there – in their heads – but vapor; a vacuum… Complete.

Lay the total blame for this current phenomina at their parents feet; and yeah – at past governments feet; their schools feet.  It’s too late for most of these females to learn the truth – they don’t want the truth; they “can’t handle the truth”… Begging the question again – what good are any of them?

Damned little good at all, except at trying to sop up more free government help without even lifting a single finger to earn any of it.

Collapse & abject ruination is what those of us in the know were facing – for decades.  DECADES!

THESE females, warmongering miscreants, HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ADULTS FOR DECADES!!!

But they’ve certainly been indoctrinated…

Send all of them to Syria (sorry Syria) to fight the USA created ISIS; send them to the ‘invaded’ EU States to administer to the terrorist, pedophiles and rapists.

Send them to Afghanistan to work the USA poppy fields; or to all war-torn nations our country has had a finger, fist or both feet in – to ‘reconstruct’…

Just sayin…

IF they were proper grown women they wouldn’t be acting like thumb sucking – change my diaper – less than juveniles.  And there it is…

Attrition happens.

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