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Trump Commeth

Author unknown & J. Elliott

January 2017

Have lived with wars of US engagement & assistance since 1943 – never ends & the only one that made any kind of sense was retaliation against Japan…Which was also the most fearful…
Then over years learned partial truths about all these other ‘actions’ the closest most up front one being VietNam; A total as yet incompletely untold horror; for both sides.

Those calling for more destruction – literally foaming at the mouth, identify as Repubs ‘deplorables’  are now closely resembling Democrats… Please – be careful what your words convey.

Less than 24 hours and we have a strong new leader and his back up team.  It’s doubtful there to be another country on this planet to have achieved the potential changes about to begin in ernest for the USA & likely globally.

However, this nation has become so diluted with outsiders wanting nothing better than to anihalate the people who originally formed (and took much too much from Native peoples – another degrading episode) and grew this country.

It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail in anger… Why? …  Just because.

If I’m fortunate to continue on thru the next decade or so – and remain upright, lucid, in full faculty – I – in all probability – will have seen it all.

And contributed as much as possibly could.

For which am sad and sorry…  In a situation such as exists – now – today – I – for one – wish I could have done more – than to lose my butt to the ‘reigning’ govs of the time… 

Still to go, 24 hours with power of pen & authority – the malevolent one works his evil…

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