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40’s  –  50’s…

The erra of diving under your school desk in order to escape nuclear attack.


Most of us of that erra had seen the news via movie theater reels & heard it on the radio.

We were just kids… But a lot sunk in…

So… Here we are – not kids anymore, no desks to dive under…

OK – waaay past time to stand up, get ur head outta the sand, let brain cells connect and do a positive thing for the planet & yourself.

Fuck war mongering… Screw infighting… Draw down on any and all who resist balance, honesty, right.

Fire at will…

O, wait… That last kinda sounded like warmongering and infighting too. >sighhh<

How does one get ‘rid’ of this thinking – this projecting…?

Personally – don’t feel it can be done. It’s one if those ‘fight or flight’ genetic things. Can’t get rid of genetics – though Monsanto sure likes to twist hell outtof ’em. (Small joke there).

So here we are – some older’n’dirt, just plain old and gettin old… Crotchety, grumpy, humor ranging from nul n void to sarcastic flash and outright guffaw.

Though the latter is/are rare.

Some of us have run the gamut; some a half gamut; 1/4 gamut etc. ALL of us of ‘age’ have had varying degrees of gamut to deal with. Gamut follows us along with just waiting, to pounce sometimes.


Update 1.25.17 More to come…am sure…

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